How male Testosterone levels change during the day

    How male Testosterone levels change during the day

  • 1 Testosterone is higher in the morning

    Males experience a short hormonal cycle during the day. Testosterone goes up during the morning then declines gradually throughout the day. See how to tell if a male has high testosterone.

  • 2 Testosterone peaks at 6-7 Am

    One study found that Testosterone peaks between 6-7 and that a 31% drop happens during the next 13 hours.

  • 3 The drop is larger in young males

    Studies found that the drop in testosterone is larger in younger males than older ones. See natural ways to increase Testosterone.

  • 4 The drop is 25% for men in their 30s

    Another study found that testosterone drops 20 to 25% from 8 am to 4 pm in men who are in their 30s.

  • 5 The drop is 10% for 70-year-olds

    A study found that the daily drop of testosterone in 70-year-Olds is only 10%.

  • 6 It can be produced when needed

    The brain can signal the testicles to produce more Testosterone when needed. The presence of females can let the male brain produce more testosterone especially if other males were present as they are regarded as competitors.

  • 7 Testosterone rises when a person wins

    If a male won at something that matters to him then his Testosterone will rise the opposite will also happen if he lost. See what having bigger testicles mean.