Study: How social networks affect girls?

    Study: How social networks affect girls?

  • 1 Posting selfies online is considered normal by girls

    Girls consider posting selfies online for others to 'like' a normal action nowadays. See Why do girls make a duck face in pictures and selfies


  • 2 Selfies could be linked to mental health problems

    Because social media usage was linked to mental health problems such as depression and body dysmorphic disorder, a study by Dove Self-Esteem Project (owned by Dove) tried to see how selfies fit into that picture. See Why do people take selfies.

  • 3 Girls are on social networks all the time

    Half of all 13 to 23-year-old women are on social websites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all the time.

  • 4 A daily selfie is the average

    Girls post an average of one selfie per day.

  • 5 Not getting enough likes makes them upset

    60% of girls with low body confidence admit to getting upset when they don't get enough 'likes'. 

  • 6 17 million girls were interviewed

    The study interviewed 17 million girls from 112 countries that suffer from low body confidence. 2/3 of them said that they feel 'prettier' online than they do in real life. 

  • 7 Self-image gets worse with time

    The study also revealed that girls' self-image becomes worse with time.

  • 8 First impressions with social media are positive

    70% of girls aged 13-17 reported that their first encounter with social media left a positive impression. However, this impression got worse as they grew older and started becoming less self confident with their body.

  • 9 Those that don't take selfies are unpopular

    Girls revealed that those that don't take selfies are perceived as being unpopular.

  • 10 Likes equal popularity

    Girls look at likes as being equal to a popularity rating. Some girls even delete photos that receive less than 75 or 80 likes, stating that it is an embarrassingly low number of likes.

  • 11 A couple of hours a day are spent taking selfies

    Girls usually spend a couple of hours each day taking selfies; usually around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Some girls take 10 selfies per day and some take 100 selfies per day with only 1 or 2 being kept.

  • 12 Girls want 3 times more likes

    Girls said that they would like to receive 3 times more likes than they currently get. See Why do people share photos on social networks.