How steve wozniak created the apple I computer

    How steve wozniak created the apple I computer

  • 1 Steve Wozniak was extremely passionate about hardware

    Steve Wozniak was passionate about hardware to the extent that he used to assemble parts on his free time even though he had a day Job at Hewlett Packard that was all about assembling hardware .

  • 2 Wozniak Always wanted to own a computer

    Wozniak always wanted to own a computer but it was very expensive back then. Wozniak once said that to get a computer back then you needed to pay the same down payment you pay for a house .

  • 3 Because of his limited budget Wozniak got involved in hardware design

    As a result of his limited budget Wozniak started to buy hardware parts and create his own devices instead of buying them. He used to challenge himself to reduce the number of chips used for the devices he already created .

  • 4 Wozniak designed his own terminal

    Because of not being able to Afford to buy a Teletype, the input device used back then to send data to mainframes, Wozniak designed his own terminal using a Keyboard and a TV screen .

  • 5 Wozniak couldn't afford the expensive components

    Wozniak knew how to design a computer but he didn't afford the expensive components that were available back then. This was the Major reason holding him back .

  • 6 Microprocessors and Dynamic Rams were introduced

    As Microprocessors and Dynamic rams were introduced Wozniak got closer to his goal of building a computer. Parts were getting cheaper as the time passed and this brought him close to his goal .

  • 7 Wozniak started building the Apple I

    Wozniak connected the pieces. Wrote the code for the microprocessor to use and managed to create a computer that would later become the Apple I computer (see how did Steve Jobs start the Apple company).

  • 8 Wozniak took the computer to the Homebrew computer club

    Wozniak was a member of a computer club called the Homebrew computer club where people who are passionate about technology and computers used to meet and discuss ideas. He took the computer he created to show it to the club members .

  • 9 Jobs urged Wozniak to create a company

    Steve jobs urged Steve Wozniak to start a company where they can sell the PC board Steve Wozniak creates for profit. The company was created and was Called Apple (See why Apple was called Apple).

  • 10 The Apple I was given its name

    Steve Jobs came up with the name Apple computers and hence the computer Wozniak created was called Apple I computer .