How to beat the Last Giant - Dark Souls II

  • 1 The Last Giant properties

    The Last Giant is huge. He has very slow and powerful attacks. He has two kinds of attacks, a stomping attack which is very slow and a slightly faster one with his arm. The part that you can reach best is his ankles.

  • 2 Requirements

    You should be around level 20 (minimum 15)

    3 Estus Flasks

    Fast Slashing Weapon


    5-7 Life Gems

    5-10 Firebombs

  • 3 Find the location of the boss

    Head to the Forest of Fallen Giants. Do not try to fight any of the giants. The best thing to do is to run from enemies until you find ladders (you'll find a few) and then kill the enemies. Kill them one by one. Do not try to engage in a brawl with more than two enemies at a time.

  • 4 Speak to Cale

    Speak to Cale and buy items off her. You will find the key to the blacksmith back in Majula. Turn around the corner and find a hole in the ground behind a pillar where you can descend. Go down, kill the enemies asleep and head left to the ladder into another left. 

  • 5 Make your way to the locked doorway

    Head along the tree branch and avoid the enemies. Head up next to the small giant you'll find a ladder. Climb it quickly and avoid the enemies in the way as you climb down two ladders. Head to the left once you descend the second ladder.

  • 6 Unlock the door

    Unlock the door that you encountered earlier beneath Cale. There, you will find a way to the left. Go down, you'll meet one enemy. Defeat him and go through the fog.

  • 7 Cutscene

    You'll find the Last Giant with one eye. He will get up and run towards you. 

  • 8 First half of the fight

    During the first half of the fight, you'll be able to drain about half of the giant's health by slashing his ankles and his legs. Just avoid his stomping attacks by going between his legs and move behind them to slash at his ankles.

  • 9 Second half of the fight

    During the second half of the fight, the giant will remove one of his arms and attempt to slash at you with it. When that happens, just dash back a couple of times. If you have fire bombs, throw them at him then move back to continue slashing his ankles. He will retreat and attack again.

  • 10 Finish the first boss

    Once you finish the first boss, you will acquire around 20,000 souls that can be used for leveling up. You'll also acquire the soul of the last giant which is around 5,000 souls.