How to beat Deacons of the Deep - Dark Souls 3

  • 1 Head to the end of Cathedral of the Deep

    Head to the end of Cathedral of the Deep where you will find a stairway. Head through it and you'll start the boss fight.

  • 2 You can summon NPCs

    There are two summons available right before the fight: Anri of Astora and Sirris of the Sunless Realms/Horace the Hushed. Summoning them will make the fight a lot easier.

  • 3 Prepare for the fight

    This boss fight is fairly easy; however, it is long and you will need to be in close range which means that you will likely get attacked a lot. Use an ember to restore your fire, have all your Estus Flasks and use a medium-long range weapon.

  • 4 Follow the red aura

    You will find a lot of undead around which do little damage. The only one you need to attack is the one with the red aura.

  • 5 Attack the red aura enemy

    During the first phase of the fight, the enemies do significantly little damage, so prioritize your attack and run through them to kill the one with the red aura. Be careful because if the enemies pile on you, it will be difficult not to take damage.

  • 6 The red aura switches enemies

    If the enemy with the red aura dies, it will move on into another enemy. It will also move on if you wait too long.

  • 7 Move on to the second phase of the fight

    In the second phase of the fight, there will only be one enemy with the red aura around them. However, he will be guarded with two blue enemies that will take a lot of attacks to kill.

  • 8 Attack in wide slashes

    Slash the enemies with a long reach weapon because otherwise, they will cast black mass at you which will take a lot away from your health.

  • 9 Stay focused on the red aura enemy

    Stay focused on the red aura enemy but make sure you attack the casters as well before they cast the black mass at you. If you stay close enough without taking too much damage, you'll be able to kill the boss within a few minutes.

  • 10 Run around and attack from behind

    If you find the enemies piling on you, try to run around the walls to attack them from behind. That way, you will be able to save yourself a lot of health.

  • 11 Finish the fight

    Once you finish the fight, you'll be able to light the bonfire. The enemy will drop 4099 souls, Soul of the Deacons of the Deep and Small Doll Archdeacon Set.