How to beat High Lord Wolnir - Dark Souls III

  • 1 Head through the suspended bridge

    Head through the suspended bridge and head straight towards the chamber. You will find a goblet atop of an altar. Touch the goblet to trigger a cut-scene.

  • 2 Use an ember

    If your health level is not too high, you should use an ember to last longer in the battle. It should not take too many attempts to defeat High Lord Wolnir.

  • 3 Stay away from his rib cage

    The rib cage contains a dark cloud that ensures immediate death if you go down below him. Avoid that part completely and stay near his arms.

  • 4 Use a strong two-handed weapon

    It is recommended to use a strong two-handed weapon during that fight like a great sword.

  • 5 Head to the left hand

    Head immediately to the left hand and attack the golden bracelet around his wrist. If you use a heavy weapon, it will take a few attacks to break it, which will drop his health by one third.

  • 6 Avoid the swipe and stomp attacks

    High Lord Wolnir uses swipe and stomp attacks with his left hand, which you should easily be able to avoid by dodging.

  • 7 Head to the right hand

    Head immediately to the right hand where there are two bracelets and break them.

  • 8 Move forward with him

    If High Lord Wolnir moves forward, move in the same direction with him and be under his skull to avoid the dark smoke attack that can immediately kill you.

  • 9 Attack the bracelets with heavy attacks

    Even if High Lord Wolnir summons skeletons, stay in your position and attack the bracelet as many times as possible to break them. If you break them, he should immediately die and you will achieve your victory.

  • 10 Boss drops

    This boss drops 22,000 souls, Soul of High Lord Wolnir. Additionally, you will be able to pick up the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome. If you don't pick the latter up, it will spawn in the corner of the room with the bonfire.

  • 11 Next area

    You should be able to process to the Boreal Valley following this fight.