How to beat Yhorm the Giant - Dark Souls III

    How to beat Yhorm the Giant - Dark Souls III

  • 1 Go through the fog

    Once you find the fog wall in the Profaned Capital, head through it. If you finished Siegward of Catarina Questline at this point, he will appear for your aid through a cut-scene.

  • 2 Run towards the throne

    Run towards the throne as fast as you can and avoid damage from Yhorm. You will find an item nearby, which is the Storm Ruler; a great sword which can defeat Yhorm the Giant.

  • 3 Equip the Storm Ruler

    Equip the Storm Ruler with two hands and escape Yhorm's attacks. The best way to do that is to stay under his legs until he drops his attack then run fast past him and stay as far as possible from him.

  • 4 Charge the Storm Ruler

    Charge the Storm Ruler once you're far past Yhorm. You can do that by pressing the left trigger until the sword glows white.

  • 5 Aim for Yhorm's head

    To ensure that your attack will be successful and does the most damage, aim for Yhorm's head with the right thumbstick. Once the head is marked, release the attack with the right trigger button. Repeat that twice to start the second phase of the battle.

  • 6 Yhorm will glow with fire

    Yhorm's attacks will be faster and harder, so you need to make sure that while he is stunned, your health is full and that you can stay away from him. If he rushes into you, dash between his legs to avoid his attack. Once he does the stomping attack, charge your Storm Ruler.

  • 7 Attack his head

    Once you are able to escape Yhorm's fury and charge your weapon, aim for the head once again. You will only need to do that two or three more times to kill him.

  • 8 With Siegward's help

    If you have finished the Questline for Siegward, you can easily finish the fight in under a minute if you obtain the Storm Ruler from around the throne. That way, you would be able to defeat him in under one minute.

  • 9 Without the Storm Ruler

    Without the Storm Ruler, you could use a lightning infused weapon or use lightning in your weapon. The best strategy is to stay under Yhorm's feet and avoid his stomping attacks in order to kill him slowly. In this method, it's recommended to use your ember and have all your estus flasks.

  • 10 Boss Drops

    Yhorm the Giant drops: 36,000 Souls, Soul of Yhorm the Giant and Cinders of a Lord