How to beat the Crystal Sage - Dark Souls 3

  • 1 Head to the left side of the swamp

    Head to the left side of the swamp at the Road of Sacrifices. Go through the building where a group of mage enemies are slumbering and head up the stairs.

  • 2 Pack your inventory with weapons

    Get a bunch of throwing knives as they will help you greatly in the second phase of the fight. You'll need around 3-5 estus flasks if you have lost your ember. A fast slashing weapon is also recommended in this fight.

  • 3 Rush towards the mage

    The Crystal Mage will immediately attack with a purple crystal hue. They are difficult to avoid if you stay stationary; however, if you rush towards him, you can stagger him with your attack.

  • 4 Attack the mage with full stamina

    You can attack the mage until a whole fifth of his health is demolished. The mage will immediately disappear without attacking you. However, if you run out of stamina and give him time to attack, he will attack you with his rapier.

  • 5 Break the crystals

    Break the crystals as soon as the mage disappears and head to him for the second attack. Rush and attack him until the same portion is taken away from his health. The third time will be similar provided you found him fast enough.

  • 6 The Crystal Mage will trigger the second phase

    The second phase of the fight will have several clones that will spawn immediately. They will attack with blue crystal that could take your health away with two or three attacks. Equip the knives and throw them at all of the clones. They will disappear with one shot.

  • 7 Attack the Crystal Mage and end the fight

    You will easily be able to defeat the Crystal Mage if you stay close to him while actively attacking him. You will likely need to repeat your attack twice after he disappears. In case you got hit with any of his crystal bolts, fill your health because repeated attacks can be quite powerful.

  • 8 Collect the boss soul

    The Crystal Mage will drop 8000 souls and Soul of the Crystal Mage.