How to become a bad boy

    How to become a bad boy

  • 1 Smile less frequently

    Studies have shown that men who smile less frequently are perceived as more masculine and dominant. Smiling less often can make you seem like a bad boy.

  • 2 Take risks

    Bad boys usually take risks that many people fear taking. The fact that a man can take a risk sends an indirect message to women that he is brave, courageous and able to provide protection.

  • 3 Ride a motorbike

    Riding a bike involves an additional risk. When a person rides a bike he sends indirect messages to others that he is brave and adventurous. Bikes are also associated with bad boys in movies, which is why people might think that a biker is a bad boy.

  • 4 Wear a leather jacket & boots

    While bad boys can wear almost anything, the fact that the media created a certain image of bad boys in the minds of people made it easy to look like one of them. By wearing a black leather jacket, a v-neck T-shirt and boots, a person can come closer to the looks of a bad boy.

  • 5 Break the rules

    Bad boys usually break the rules. This does't mean that they should be criminals, but they simply don't follow the crowd. They listen to their own voice and do what they want with disregard to peer pressure.

  • 6 Don't be needy

    A bad boy is never needy. Most studies have shown that women are turned off by needy men. Women prefer men who don't chase after them often. In addition, the unattainable is always desirable.

  • 7 Lead the pack

    Bad boys are usually dominant. Out of a group of people, the leader is the one who will seem the most like a bad boy.

  • 8 Be assertive

    Bad boys stand up for themselves, never sacrifice their rights to please others and always respond assertively when someone crosses the line. Bad boys are anything but submissive (See how to be assertive).

  • 9 Don't ask for permission

    Bad boys don't ask for permissions to do what they want because the last thing they care about is the approval of others. They do what they believe to be right no matter what happens.

  • 10 Take charge

    In a relationship, a bad boy will take charge. He will never allow his woman to lead him or force him to do something that he doesn't want.

  • 11 Learn to be OK with rejection

    Bad boys are totally OK with rejection. They only stick to people who agree to their rules and when someone doesn't, they just leave.

  • 12 Hit the gym

    While there could be a slim bad boy, the tough masculine look can give the bad boy an extra edge.

  • 13 Drive a truck or a muscle car

    Bad boys usually don't drive small cars or feminine looking ones. While it's not a must to drive a certain car to look like a bad boy, it can help a bit.

  • 14 Practice martial arts

    One of the things women like about bad boys the most is their ability to defend them. A bad boy usually knows how to fight. Learning martial arts might be a good way to become a bad boy. See the benefits of learning martial arts.

  • 15 Say no

    Bad boys are not do not seek to please people. They say no when they believe it's the right thing to do. A person who says yes all the time might be considered submissive. See what are the benefits of saying no.

  • 16 Be mysterious and unpredictable

    Studies have shown that women get bored when someone becomes predictable. A mysterious person could appear much more attractive to women just because they can't predict his next move.

  • 17 Be hardly available

    A scarce resource is always perceived as more valuable. When a person becomes overly needy and always available, women usually find him uninteresting.

  • 18 Be cocky but know when to stop

    Bad boys think highly of themselves. Women usually get attracted to confident men and the ones who believe in themselves much. This is why so many women fall for narcissists.

  • 19 Tattoos might help

    Tattoos, when done right, can make men appear more dangerous. One of the things women like about bad boys is how dangerous they can be. Women take it as a challenge hoping to tame the bad boy, which is why they usually pursue them (See why people get tattoos).

  • 20 Maintain proper eye contact

    Bad boys look people straight in the eye when they have a certain demand. Proper eye contact should be 70 to 80% of the conversation. Staring at people's eyes all the time is not right.

  • 21 Never appear weak or down

    Bad boys are strong, tough and hardly show their emotional side to others. Women like strong men and unconsciously get repelled by weak ones.

  • 22 Be indifferent to beautiful women

    Bad boys are usually indifferent to beautiful women. They don't chase them the way others do, which is why they seem more attractive.