Things rich people do differently

    Things rich people do differently

  • 1 They know how to sell

    Ideas, thoughts, services or even love and companionship, you're always trying to sell something to somebody. Take a look at those who have created wealth and abundance, you will realize that all of them know how to sell something.

  • 2 They are GREAT at least in one thing

    'Improving weaknesses creates average, improving strengths creates mastery'. To create wealth you must find a way to stand out, and the best way to do it is by offering a much higher value than everyone else around you. And there's nothing better to offer than something you'r good at.

  • 3 They don't waste time rethinking or over analyzing their actions

    Wealth follows mastery and for mastery to be reached you need to take actions more than you can ever imagine. To reach such a level you'll have to eliminate or at least decrease the amount of time waisted on thinking before taking action, allowing yourself to create MORE in shorter time intervals.

  • 4 They over deliver

    You won't last long in any market if you have a reputation for being sleazy, sneaky or unable to keep your word and to what you're paid for. The best way to ensure that you satisfy those who receive your services is to exceed their expectations, thus preventing them from going elsewhere.

  • 5 They are idea magnets

    Great ideas are much more valuable than the efforts of hundreds of men. Set time for yourself to think of new ideas and new breakthroughs and work on taking notes of everything around you. This will help you create tons of ideas and increases your chances of finding a big hit.

  • 6 Ty to read A LOT

    High achievers read an average of sixty books a year and create +300 times more than the average person. Commit yourself to reading; the skills you need and the advice you must hear; all lie somewhere in a book.

  • 7 They know how to apply

    Not only will you have to read a lot, you also must know how to apply what you read. An effective way to do this is to remember the times when you managed to build a certain skill or success and duplicate it.

  • 8 They create their own luck

    Rich people rely only on MASSIVE actions to reach success. They take double the required actions and operate on an extremely high level of productivity that allows them to surpass whatever obstacle they face. Such strong work ethic is the only reason for why they seem luckier than average people.

  • 9 They only believe in results

    They don't brag about how many hours they have spend doing X or Y, they only celebrate (and rest) when they get the results they want. For the highly successful, a runner up is the first loser. Only results matter.

  • 10 They tolerate emotions for common interests

    Rich people can tolerate being around and working with those they hate just for the sake of reaching a common goal. They are always patient, they're goal oriented and they are great at hiding what they feel.

  • 11 They don't waste time surfing the internet or watching TV

    Unless they're working, rich people rarely waste their time on social media or watching useless TV shows or programs (Research says that the majority of rich people spend less than an hour each day watching TV).

  • 12 They duplicate great successful minds

    When dealing with building the successful mindset, rich people don't tend to invent the wheel. They believe in the same old principles of success like hard work, persistence and discipline and though there are some exceptions to this rule, still the majority of the rich follow the same old rules.

  • 13 They're willing to work on themselves more than anyone else

    The gap between an average person and his successful personality requires hours and hours of working on himself (Malcolm Gladwell estimates it to a 10,000 hours of work for a person to master a certain skill). And for growth to happen, a person must be both disciplined and highly persistent.

  • 14 They say YES

    Until they acquire the luxury to say no, rich people are YES-professionals. They say yes to life, to new experiences, to opportunities and to challenges.They add up to their value in different marketplaces by having a Can-Do attitude and by being willing to stick to whatever makes them grow.

  • 15 They take care of their bodies

    Rich people have no 'take it or leave it' attitude. Instead, they believe in being able to have abundance in all areas of life, including good health. Besides, bad eating is way for people to escape unwanted reality. Because successful people are mentally tough, they cope with whatever life throws.

  • 16 They are highly organized

    Though their ways of self management differ from each other, all successful people are highly organized in managing their daily production level or tracking their goals. Knowing exactly what they want that gives them an edge over their peers.

  • 17 They invest to expand

    Rich people are not afraid to pay money to make more money, unlike average people who tend to collect, contract and keep safe with what they have, the rich are the ones who are delightfully willing to risk investing in new options that support further growth.

  • 18 They're the only ones who can admire

    What is insane, too much or not acceptable to average people is most likely to be welcomed by the rich ones. Successful people know that the only way to reach massive success is by taking massive actions, taking risks and challenging the status quo, something that is not welcomed by average people.

  • 19 Rich people are hungry for more

    Rich people are not happy because they have money (a reason to be happy but not the MAIN one),they are happy because they produce more. You see, production is the main reason behind someone's happiness. You face obstacles, you conquer them, you feel happy and on the side you get money.

  • 20 They keep away of the negative and the lazy

    When dealing with other people; same poles always attract and probably this is the main reason why most rich people have very few 'average' friends. Unintentionally, those friends (and other negative/toxic people) represent all that the rich have tried fiercely to keep away from.See Why do rich people like to play Golf.