How to create a successful kickstarter campaign

    How to create a successful kickstarter campaign

  • 1 Show your work

    Your initial prototype drawings and the process of developing your prototype should be shown in your video as it shows the backers how dedicated your team is to bringing the final prototype to life. It could make them feel that your team will deliver their rewards.

  • 2 The early birds is there for a reason

    When the viewers of your project get a sense of urgency, they rush into backing your project by pledging to your early bird rewards.

  • 3 Promote 3 months before starting your campaign

    From telling friends, to online blogs. You should spend hours on collecting press contacts information in the same category of your project, then start contacting all of them to tell your story and ask if they're interested to share it.

  • 4 The rule of 6

    You have 6 seconds to grab the attention of your target audience. Make sure the intro of your video is strong enough to compel then to continue watching and make them interested in knowing more about your product.

  • 5 Be super organized

    As soon as you project is live, there will be a large number of tasks you will have to get done daily. From promoting your campaign to engaging with your backers. Make checklists of almost everything and keep excel sheets handy as long as the campaign is live.

  • 6 Put reasonable prices for your rewards

    The most popular number backers pay to successful campaigns is 2$5, so make sure you have rewards that start around this number. If your product has a higher price then you need to make $25 or less rewards for your backers who support by such a pledge.

  • 7 Most Kickstarter backers are buyers

    Most kickstarter backers aren't just idea supporters but are also people who want to buy new and exceptional products. Make sure you sell to those people. A thank you perk or a T-shirt might not be enough ( see Why the coolest cooler kickstarter campaign got very successful).

  • 8 A video is a must

    Most of the successful Kickstarter campaigns have videos. Your video shouldn't be so long so that it bores people. The shorter the video the more likely people will watch it.

  • 9 Make sure your product is novel

    The most successful Kickstarter campaigns had creative and novel products. The more useful and unconventional the product is the more likely it will gain support.

  • 10 Show backers that you are serious

    Campaigns that have proof that their creators are serious are more likely to gain funding. After all, people don't like to back a project that won't become popular.

  • 11 Create a sales pitch video

    When you create a video for a Kickstarter campaign you are actually trying to sell your product to viewers. Design the video the way you would design a sales pitch. The perfect example for that is the video of the Coolest Cooler (see link below).

  • 12 Give the Kickstarter users a strong privilage

    Make sure Kickstarter users get some extra privileges such as reduced prices for early buyers. Remember, you are just selling your product to customers before it's produced. The same selling rules apply.

  • 13 Make your video very emotional

    A campaign such as Reading Rainbow was so emotional that it convinced so many people to back it. If you don't have a great physical product then use emotions to sell.

  • 14 Make sure your product solves a compelling problem

    A great part of a successful Kickstarter campaign is creating a product that solves a compelling problem. You are less likely to get funding for products that don't solve people's important problems.

  • 15 Create ads that target people who visited your campaign's page

    Thanks to new ad technologies you can create a Facebook campaign or an Adwords campaign that targets people who have visited your Kickstarter campaign's page. This will increase your chances of getting more backers.

  • 16 Launch your product at the right time

    The Coolest Cooler campaign didn't succeed the first time because it wasn't launched in a time where people were more likely to buy a cooler. When it relaunched in summer it became a great success.

  • 17 Keep your campaign under 30 days

    According to Kickstarter, team projects that have shorter funding duration are more likely to get more funds.