How to defeat Beatrix in Alexandria Castle - FF9

    How to defeat Beatrix in Alexandria Castle - FF9

  • 1 HP: 5700

    Beatrix has a high HP, however the battle will end before she dies. She can't be defeated since she will join you after that fight.

  • 2 It's a timed battle

    This battle will end after some time so do your best to survive.

  • 3 Cast slow on her

    Casting slow on Beatrix would let her do less attacks while letting the time of the battle pass. After some time she will retreat.

  • 4 Hi-potions are useful

    If you have some Hi-potions that would be useful since Beatrix's attacks are powerful and the ordinary potion won't help much with healing the damage.

  • 5 Use Freya's lancer ability

    Freya's lancer ability is very powerful because it does great physical damage and also lowers the opponent's HP. This can help prevent Beatrix from using her powerful attacks often.

  • 6 Let the 2 weakest members heal others

    Depending on your current level, the strength of your party might be different. Let the two weakest members heal others if you don't have Hi-potions. If you have Hi-potions, however, then one healer is enough.

  • 7 Use Freya's Reis' Wind

    Use the ability Reis' Wind to enable auto Regen. This should make the battle easier.

  • 8 Steal those items

    Steal those items if possible: Phoenix Down, Ice Brand and Survival Vest.  

  • 9 This is simpler than the last battle

    This battle should be simpler than the last battle with Beatrix because your level should be higher while you will always have 4 party members at that point. See how to defeat Ralvuimago - FF9.