How to defeat Jack in the morgue - Resident Evil 7

  • 1 Always keep a body between you and him


    To make it hard for Jack to hit you, always try to keep a body between you and him. 

  • 2 Shoot him in the head

    To save your ammo and end the battle with the least number of bullets, try to shoot him in the head.

  • 3 Shoot the thing that pops over his shoulder


    After a few hits, Jack will kneel and a strange bubble will form over his head and shoulders. Shoot that thing quickly. Killing him requires shooting that thing whenever it appears.

  • 4 Jack will grab the chainsaw


    After the first time you hit the bubble that formed over him, Jack will go and grab his chainsaw. Starting from this point, don't fire any more bullets.

  • 5 Grab the other chainsaw


    Once Jack gets the chainsaw, you will have the opportunity to grab another one from the same place.

  • 6 Aim for his face


    Use the chainsaw you got to aim for Jack's face.

  • 7 Attack the bubble


    As soon as Jack kneels, go quickly towards him and attack the bubble that formed over his body.

  • 8 Keep repeating the last two steps


    Keep attacking Jack's face then the bubble when it appears. After a few times, Jack will die.

  • 9 Move away before he explodes


    Right before Jack dies, he will shake then explode. The explosion can hurt your health so make sure you back away before it happens.