How to defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley - Dark Souls 3

  • 1 Make your way through the High Wall of Lothric

    Make your way down towards the bottom of the High Wall of Lothric. There, you will find two gates ready to be opened once you go towards them. This will trigger a cut-scene and the first real boss fight of the game.

  • 2 Vordt moves slowly at first

    Vordt moves very slowly at first. In there, you can use two approaches to fight him. The first one is to dash forwards where he is and attack him. The second one is for you to wait for him by the gate where he will attack you.

  • 3 Make sure you have enough Estus Flasks

    Your Estus Flasks are going to help you a lot in this boss fight. Make sure you have around three if you're below level 30.

  • 4 Attack and dodge

    Attack Vardt once he's near you, and dodge his attacks at close range. The close range attacks are quite slow so you will be able to dodge them and move behind/underneath him.

  • 5 Go for the hind legs

    Go for his hind legs or stay underneath him in order to attack a lot.

  • 6 He can get stuck

    Vordt can get stuck if you wait for him by the gate. At this point, attack him repeatedly and wait for your stamina to recover while blocking.

  • 7 He has five attacks

    He slashes with his weapon, stomps the ground with his fists, charges towards you at a distance (three times), uses an ice beam attack (after the charge attack) and inflicts frost damage.

  • 8 Block the charging attack only

    The only attack that would require you to block is the charging attack if you are not fast enough to dodge. However, it should be noted that the game is more based on attacking and dodging like Bloodborne rather than block and attack like the previous Dark Souls titles.

  • 9 He drops his soul

    Once you defeat him, you will be able to light a fire and he will drop Soul of Boreal Valley Bordt.