How to defeat quiet easily - phantom pain

    How to defeat quiet easily - phantom pain

  • 1 Mark her location on the map

    Use your Googles to mark quiet's location on the map. See How to easily destroy the tanks.

  • 2 Request a supply drop

    Request a supply drop of Ammo. Chose the location just above Quit's head. If you did it right she will lose half of her power after getting hit.

  • 3 Mark her second location

    After getting hit quiet will move to another location. Find that location then mark it on the map as well.

  • 4 Request another supply drop

    Request another supply drop of ammo and let it fall on her head. If the second one fell right she will faint right away.

  • 5 Run toward her fast

    Run fast towards quit. You will be given the choice to kill her or bring her back to base. Don't kill her.

  • 6 Carry her to the chopper

    Carry Quit to the Chopper and leave. See how to save a game during a mission.

  • 7 See a video of the steps

    Check out that video for the detailed steps on how to take her out.