How to defeat the DragonRider - Dark Souls II

  • 1 DragonRider properties

    The Dragonrider is a lot faster than the Last Giant, but slightly slower than the Pursuer. He has four sets of attacks: The Sweep, the Smash, the Thrust and a Shield Bash. He uses a halberd weapon and a shield.

  • 2 Requirements

    You should be around level 25 (20 minimum), 3-4 Estus Flasks, a fast slashing weapon and a kite shield.

  • 3 Find the boss

    Once you get to the first bonfire in Heide's Tower of Flame, head up and defeat the large Knight then head straight to defeat another knight and a large knight. You will find the first level; use it to complete half of the platform for the boss. 

  • 4 Complete the platform

    Once you get to the building with 3 large knights, defeat them and you will find another lever to the right that completes the other half of the platform. Head to the bridge on the right and go through it to defeat two more enemies then enter the fog.

  • 5 Hints

    Before you go into the boss fight, make sure you have only one weapon equipped in your right hand and a strong kite shield in your left.

  • 6 The DragonRider

    Once you go through the fog, the DragonRider will greet you with a thrusting attack. Block and dodge to the right.

  • 7 Attack twice

    Depending on your level of stamina, you should be able to attack the DragonRider twice before moving back. 

  • 8 Repeat

    Repeat the sequence. Block and dodge, but focus on blocking. If you are using a strong shield, he won't be able to attack you unless your stamina is zero. Attack twice, but not more than that and stay close to him so he doesn't use other attacks.

  • 9 Dodge the slashing attack

    If you find him using a slashing attack, dodge against the direction of the blade twice then attack him once. Don't let the attacks hit your shield because it will lower your stamina and you will be prone to getting hit.

  • 10 Boss drop

    The DragonRider drops 12,000 souls and the DragonRider soul.