How to defeat the Lost Sinner - Dark Souls II

  • 1 Lost Sinner properties

    The Lost Sinner is the first boss with a Soul of a Great One. She holds a great sword with both hands as they are tied and has four kinds of attacks: a running thrust attack, a jump attack, a slashing attack and a combo swing attack.

  • 2 Requirements

    You should be level 55 (45 minimum) with 4-5 Estus Flasks, 5-10 Life Gems, a Tower shield (or a strong kite shield) and a leveled up weapon. Additionally, you can bring firebombs or throwing knives depending on the strategy you choose.

  • 3 Other recommendations

    This boss fight will be fought in the dark unless you use the Bastille Key and a torch before you enter the boss fight. It is recommended that you do that regardless of the strategy you use.

  • 4 NPCs in the area

    There are two NPCs for the Scholar of the First Sin edition: Lucatiel of Mirrah and Sellsword Luet. The first one requires the player to talk to her first before finding her summon sign at the bottom of the chain lift. Sellsword Luet's sign is available at one of the cells on the right side.

  • 5 Use the NPCs

    The easiest way to defeat the Lost Sinner is to use the NPCs available. When you do so, you should keep yourself packed with a bow or a crossbow, a tower or a kite shield and bombs or throwing knives (a lot of them).

  • 6 Light the room

    Before you get to the second NPC, you will face a giant enemy. If you have one NPC on your side, it will be easy to attack the giant once, run away and repeat. After that, you should go back upstairs to light your torch.

  • 7 Get to the rooms

    After you pass the long bridge, you will find two stairways on the right and on the left. Go through them to find oil. You will get a prompt to light the fire. Once you do that, head to the other room.

  • 8 Go through the fog

    Once you go through the fog, you will get into a cut-scene where the Lost Sinner will wield a sword. Immediately after that, the Lost Sinner will dash into your direction with a thrusting attack. Make sure your shield is ready and dodge immediately. It is difficult to time it the first time.

  • 9 Lost Sinner attacks

    The Lost Sinner has four attacks on a basic new game. In new game + modes, it will spawn minions. The four attacks are: a thrust attack, a jumping attack, a running slash attack and a 2-hit or a 3-hit combo swing.

  • 10 Let the NPCs do the work

    The NPCs can distract the Lost Sinner, giving you room to refill your health. While at a distance, throw bombs, throwing knives, poison daggers and bolts at the Lost Sinner while leaving stamina for a dodge if she approaches you.

  • 11 Dodge if you go solo

    If you go solo and know that you have enough attributes to beat the Lost Sinner, you should dodge a lot. Don't try to parry her strikes, as that won't stun her enough. 

  • 12 Attack once

    The Lost Sinner is one of the difficult boss fights in the game. She's incredibly fast and will kill you with just a few hits. Make sure you dodge a lot and when you know the patterns of her attacks, attack her from behind with one thrust or slash and continue moving. 

  • 13 Keep your shield up and dodge

    While your shield will only get you clip-damage from the Lost Sinner, it is worth noting that some attacks will take away your stamina and will leave you prone for attacks. 

  • 14 Solo strategy

    If you are going solo, you should circle to the left, clockwise around the room just to give yourself enough space. You should also keep your shield up most of the time unless you're dodging. 

  • 15 Boss drop

    Defeating the Lost Sinner awards you 45,000 souls and Soul of the Lost Sinner. 

  • 16 Notes

    Additionally, after you beat the Lost Sinner, you will be able to light a Primal Bonfire. When you light it, you'll be taken back to Majula where the Emerald Herald will tell you that you have acquired a Soul of a Great One.