How to defeat the Old Dragonslayer - Dark Souls II

  • 1 Old Dragonslayer Properties

    The Old Dragonslayer is a lot faster than the Last Giant and the DragonRider, but slightly slower than the Pursuer. He has six sets of attacks: The Sweep, Jump Attack, the Thrust, a sliding Thrust, the Aerial Slam, the Dark Burst and the Dark Explosion. He uses a spear and magic. He can also fly.

  • 2 Requirements

    You should be around level 30 (20 minimum); 4 Estus Flasks and a fast weapon. Depending on your character, you can use a shield but it will not do much.

  • 3 Find the boss

    By now, you should have defeated the DragonRider. Once you have finished the fight, head to the other side of the place where you found the three large knights. Head left, you will find a large knight and a knight. They are faster. Defeat them and head upstairs where you will find another knight.

  • 4 The Dragon

    Once you go upstairs, try to bring the knight down by luring him. Be careful that he's a lot faster than the other knights. Go down and go to the sniping spot. You will find the dragon standing if you had awakened him earlier. Shoot him with arrows. It will take a lot of time but it's the best way.

  • 5 Use the lever

    Once you have defeated the Dragon, head back upstairs and open the boxes. There, you will find a lever that will drop a platform down to you. Go through it and head into the fog.

  • 6 Hints

    Before you go into the fog, make sure you are using a very light armor and have one weapon equipped in your right hand and a shield (optional) in your left. Be prepared to dodge a lot.

  • 7 Dodge the attack

    Once you get into the fight, the Old Dragonslayer will greet you with attacks. He is very fast but he pauses in his place a lot. Make sure you dodge his initial attacks.

  • 8 Circle around him

    The best strategy to use is to circle around him and dodge his attacks until he stops. You can then attack him once or twice, depending on your stamina level. Make sure you have enough to move away.

  • 9 Dodge all his attacks

    Dodge all his attacks. There is nothing that you can't dodge in this fight. Just make sure you dodge backwards when he throws elemental attacks at you then head back and attack him once or twice. His physical attacks are easily dodged to the sides.

  • 10 Boss drop

    The Old Dragonslayer will drop 20,000 souls, the Old Leo Ring, and Old Dragonslayer Soul.