How to defeat the Pursuer - Dark Souls II

  • 1 The Pursuer properties

    The Pursuer is very fast. He's much smaller than the Last Giant but his attacks are very fast. He has three major attacks: Gliding and stabbing attack, triple slash; and an unblockable stabbing attack.

  • 2 Requirements

    You should be level 25 (minimum 15);

    3 Estus Flasks, a fast weapon and a kite shield

  • 3 Find the location of the boss

    To find the boss, you need to ascend the ladder at the Cardinal Tower. Go straight to the right and you'll find a bunch of sleeping enemies. After you kill them, head outside where you will be confronted by 2 enemies. Go right and up the stairs.

  • 4 Find the boss

    You will find a new type of enemies. They do a triple attack but it can hurt you if you don't dodge fast enough. Go upstairs and you'll find 2 more enemies then you'll go through the fog.

  • 5 Hints

    Before you go through the fog, make sure that you only have one weapon equipped in your right hand and a shield in your left, but don't use any more weapons and try a light armor to go through this battle.

  • 6 Cut-scene

    There will be a cut-scene where the Pursuer is dropped down by a gigantic bird. The battle will start immediately afterwards.

  • 7 Stay where you are

    The Pursuer will drop down far from you. The best thing to do is to stay where you are and let him do that dash and stab attack.

  • 8 Dodge the attack

    Once he's close enough, dodge the attack. The best way to dodge his attack is by dodging to his left (your right) where he has his shield. Make sure you're blocking all the way through.

  • 9 Attack once

    Attack the boss once because so you don't lose much stamina. Once you attack him, head back as far as you can from him with the lock still on.

  • 10 Repeat

    The best strategy with the Pursuer is a dodge (while blocking) to the right, attack from behind and retreat. Do this repeatedly until you finish him. Don't get tempted by the ballista. 

  • 11 Alternative Strategy

    A lot of players recommended the use of parrying. Wait by the fog you go through initially and parry his attack. Once he is stunned, run to the ballista and use it. It will take a few shots to defeat the Pursuer that way. However, by doing that, you are most likely to risk dying a few times first.

  • 12 Boss drop

    After defeating him, you'll receive 17,000 souls, Soul of the Pursuer and the Ring of Blades.