How to defeat the skulls mission 29 - Phantom pain

    How to defeat the skulls mission 29 - Phantom pain

  • 1 The skulls can't enter buildings

    The skulls can't get inside buildings. The best strategy to beat them easily is to get inside a building and fire at them from a distance. 

  • 2 Get inside the building where a plane is parked

    The best position to fire at the skulls from is the building where a large plan is parked.

  • 3 Only 2 attacks will reach you

    While inside the building only the machine gun of the skulls and the exploding stone can reach you.

  • 4 Enter the building from the small door

    The skulls will usually remain around the door you entered the building from. Get inside the building from the small door, not the large opening, in order to make sure your back won't be open to fire.

  • 5 Use the plane as a sheild

    Fire at the skulls as much as you can then hide behind the large plane when you get hit until you heal.

  • 6 Use explosive weapons

    You can take down the skulls fast using explosive weapons such as the grenade launcher 

  • 7 Run from the exploding stone

    The exploding stone is a large stone that appears on the floor. If you got hit by it as soon as it appears it will stun you then seconds later it will explode. The stone has a trail that can help you detect its position before it appears. Always run away from it.

  • 8 Request supplies outside the building

    Because you are inside the building the supplies will always land on the building. Make sure you request your supplies few meters outside the building.

  • 9 It takes few minutes

    If you did all that right you will defeat the skulls in few minutes and without much advanced weapons.