How to develop a vision

  • 1 Observe

    Active observation can help a person connect events together and find out the relationship between them. This kind of observation can assist in the development of a vision.

  • 2 Don't distract yourself by small details

    Small details can prevent a person from seeing the full picture and so might prevent them from creating a vision. Even if your work has lots of small details, make sure you spend some time each day thinking about the big picture.

  • 3 Study history

    History can give an insight about the possible future scenarios. By studying the past events, a person can become better able to predict the future and to develop a good vision.

  • 4 Visit open spaces

    It's believed that getting exposed to nature's open areas such as the sea or the desert can help the brain develop far sight. It's believed that being stuck between buildings can limit a person's thoughts about the future.

  • 5 Visualize future scenarios

    When a person visualizes future scenarios, their ability to come up with a powerful vision is increased. A vision is nothing more than a future scenario that is very likely to happen.

  • 6 Move Against the crowd

    To develop a vision, a person will usually have to go against the norm and face a lot of criticism since the vision they are trying to fulfill doesn't exist in the presen. See why are some people more sensitive to criticism

  • 7 Study the past trends

    By understanding how certain past trends changed many aspects of human life, a person can foresee an upcoming trend and make correct guesses about its effects.

  • 8 Develop strong faith in your beliefs

    In order for a person to develop a vision, they must first believe in it so much for they will have to convince others to believe in it as well. If a person doesn't have much faith in their beliefs then they won't be able to convince others to believe in their vision.

  • 9 Break the routine

    People who stick to a routine usually never give themselves time to reflect about the past or to think about the future. Both actions can prevent a person from developing a vision.

  • 10 Have some free time

    People who are extremely busy usually focus on the tasks they are doing at the moment without having anytime to see the big picture or the future. A vision can hardly be created if a person is always busy.

  • 11 Delegate tasks to your subordinates

    If you run a company, delegating some of the tasks to your subordinates will help you stay away from the little details and will give you more time to think about the big picture.

  • 12 Read a lot

    Reading can give deep insights about various events and can help a person shape their personal vision. The more a person reads, the more likely they are able to develop a vision. See how to read 52 books a year

  • 13 Study human behaviour

    Humans can be very predictable, especially when they move in groups. By studying human behavior, a person can develop a better ability of predicting future behavior.

  • 14 Develop optimism

    A person can hardly develop a future vision and believe in it if they don't have a certain extent of optimism. A person who is not optimistic might disregard an idea because of believing that it will never work. See what causes pessimism