How to download the PlayStation app on your phone

  • 1 Check Google Play

    Google Play should be able to provide you with the PlayStation application. Just download it and enjoy it.

  • 2 Check if your country is listed

    If Google Play doesn't allow you to download the PlayStation app, there are other riskier ways to download the app and use it. That means that your country is not listed in the available regions on PlayStation.

  • 3 Search for online websites

    There are plenty of online websites that substitute Google Play. Use the one that you are used to or one that you believe to be secure through online security apps.

  • 4 Download the APK

    Download the most recent APK for the PlayStation app. The website should tell you if it is the latest or not.

  • 5 Secure your phone

    Before you download the app, you have to have some anti-virus program to make sure that the app is secure and virus-free.

  • 6 Fix your phone settings

    You must make sure that the settings on your smart phone allow unidentified developers to install apps on the phone.

  • 7 Install the app

    Install the application as soon as the APK downloads. 

  • 8 Sign in

    Sign in through your account on PSN and enjoy the app with all its features.

  • 9 Check for updates

    Check for updates frequently. It is common that the app would continue to work without you updating it for several months. But you have to go through the same process again to download the updated app.