How to end loneliness

    How to end loneliness

  • 1 It's about the quality of relationships not the quantity

    A person can have hundreds of friends yet still feel lonely if the relationship with each of them was superficial. Loneliness can be eliminated if a person maintained high quality relationships with few people. A high quality relationship refers to strong friendship and not superficial relations.

  • 2 Intimacy eliminates lonliness

    A person who shares his deep secrets, his fears, his true emotions and exposes his true self his close friends can hardly experience loneliness. The type of emotional connection that is created when someone exposes himself to close ones ends loneliness.

  • 3 Understand that we are social beings

    Humans are social beings. We need to share our good experiences with others in order to enjoy them more and we need to share the bad ones to feel better about them. Spending too much time in isolation can lead to loneliness (See why do humans join groups).

  • 4 Get over yours fears

    Many people don't share their emotions with others out of the fear of embarrassment or because of their insecurities. Learning how to get over those obstacles is one sure way to end loneliness.

  • 5 Find people like you

    A person can have lots of friends yet still feel lonely if he felt that he is misunderstood. Once a person manages to find someone who thinks like him that person can person be less lonely. To end loneliness a person should scout for the ones who think like him.

  • 6 Expanding your social circle

    Some people feel lonely because they don't have close friends or because they don't have friends who share their same interest. By expanding his social circle a person can increase his chance of finding people who share his same interests and so he can end loneliness.

  • 7 Join group activities related to your interests

    A person who loves Photography can join a Photography group to end loneliness. By doing so that person will increase his chance of finding someone who shares his same interests.

  • 8 During relationships don't reduce contact with friends

    Many people do the mistake of reducing the contact with their close friends. If it happened that those people broke up they usually feel extremely lonely because they drifted away from their close friends.

  • 9 Involve friends in your daily activities when possible

    A person can feel less lonely by involving his friends in some of his daily activities when possible. A person can walk with a friend, exercise with him or study with a group to combat loneliness.

  • 10 Volunteer in group activities

    Group activities can reduce loneliness a great deal. If a person volunteered with others to achieve a certain objective then his loneliness will get reduced. The fact that the person shares a common goal with others can help him feel less lonely.

  • 11 A relationship is not a must to end loneliness but it can help a great deal

    A person can be single and not feel lonely if he had close intimate friends. A relationship can help a great deal in ending loneliness but still it's not a must.

  • 12 Improve your social skills

    Some people fail to make friends or communicate intimately with them because they lack the needed social skills. In such a case improving one's communication skills is an essential step required for ending loneliness.

  • 13 Social networks can't provide real intimacy

    Many people mistakenly think that they can use social networks to end loneliness but according to researchers people who spend more time on social networks didn't feel any better about their loneliness (See why Facebook is addictive).

  • 14 Meet your close friend(s) once a day

    A person can reduce loneliness a great deal by meeting his close friend(s) once a day if possible. By ensuring that his friends are constantly updated with his news and feelings that person can feel much less lonely.