How to find and use the repair kits - Resident Evil 7

    How to find and use the repair kits - Resident Evil 7

  • 1 There are two repair kits

    There are two repair kits in the entire game. They are used for repairing the broken weapons that you find: The M21 Shotgun and the M19 Pistol. The two broken weapons use the same ammo for the normal shotgun and pistol.

  • 2 The first repair kit

    The location of the first repair kit comes directly after you open the door with the three dog heads. Once you head outside, you'll descend steps. Head right along the house and you'll find metal that can be torn. Head inside and retrieve the first repair kit.

  • 3 The second repair kit

    Once you have retrieved the Snake Key, head to the main house and enter the master bedroom. There, you will find a mannequin. The head of the mannequin can twist and you'll find the second repair kit there.

  • 4 Broken shotgun

    Once you have access to the Kids' Room, you'll be able to access the attic room where you will find a toy shotgun that can be replaced with the one in the statue. 

  • 5 M19 Handgun

    Once you're outside the house, head to the trailer where you will find a broken handgun.

  • 6 Use your repair kits

    Use the two repair kits on the broken weapons by combining them. The repaired weapons have lower capacity but higher firepower than the previous ones.