How to find ideas for new Speeli articles

    How to find ideas for new Speeli articles

  • 1 Create an idea bank

    Create an Idea bank where you can write down hints about possible future articles you can write as soon as you get an idea. Idea comes to the mind all the time but if not written they can easily be forgotten. An idea bank will ensure that the idea remains there until an article is written.

  • 2 Only Choose topics you are passionate about

    Only add ideas related to topics you are really passionate about, topics that you are really interested in or topics that you want to know more about. Writing about a topic that doesn't interest you much will usually result in a low quality article (See Speeli's writing guidelines).

  • 3 Choose the idea you feel about writing about the most

    In order for a person to write great articles a certain mood must be present. Sometimes a person might feel like writing about topic and in another times he might feel like writing about a totally different topic. By picking the topics you really feel like writing about you can produce better posts.

  • 4 Find a popular search keyword related to your idea

    Lets suppose you decided to write about 'The reasons people smoke' In such a case put related Keywrods in Google's search box to see if they have a popular search phrase that is close to the topic you want to write about. You can use that key phrase as your title.

  • 5 Start Filling the points in your mind

    If you chose a topic you already know about then most probably you will find some ideas already in your mind. Write down those ideas in points.

  • 6 Research for more points

    After you are done with the points you knew about its time to search the web for new points. Enter the search keyword or the article title in Google's search box and quickly scan through the first 10 results or more if needed.

  • 7 Add the new points

    As you check the top 10 Google results you are very likely to remember few more points that you didn't write or to learn about totally new ones. Add those points to your Speeli article.

  • 8 Make sure your article is better than the top 10 Google results combined

    Make sure that your article has at least all the information present in the top 10 Google results. A great Speeli article would even go further to include things that aren't even present in those top 10 results (See what kind of articles you can post on Speeli).