How to find the right job for me

    How to find the right job for me

  • 1 Understand your needs

    Do you value freedom? do you like routine? do you like to work in teams or do you prefer to work alone? The first step to finding the right job is to understand your personal needs very well. Once you know exactly what's important to you, searching for a job won't be hard.

  • 2 Understand your traits

    Are you an introvert? Then you should avoid a jobs like sales representative. You should consider a job that gives you your space such as a computer programmer. If your job matches your personality then you will find it very comfortable.

  • 3 What's your passion?

    If you can find a job that matches your passion then you won't only find it interesting but you will be more likely to make great achievements. Do your best to find the things you are passionate about and try to look for a related job (See how to find your passion).

  • 4 Turn your hobby into a job

    If you love reading then consider working as a librarian or an editor. If you manage to find a job that is based on your hobbies you won't feel like you are working at all.

  • 5 Never follow the crowd

    The biggest mistake people make when they look for a job is following the path of their friends and peers. Because each person is unique, has his own personality and needs, this method is guaranteed to bring you a lot of pain and unhappiness (See why you should never follow the crowd).

  • 6 Never follow the salary

    Money is very important but if you choose a job solely because of the salary then there is a very big chance that you will sacrifice some of your very important needs and as a result you might be dissatisfied with your choice.

  • 7 It's OK to change jobs frequently

    Trying a few jobs and even changing jobs frequently is totally OK as long as you know that your important goal is to find a job that you really like. If you don't know what your passion is then try a few jobs until you find one that clicks with you.

  • 8 Forget about your skills

    One of the mistakes people make when searching for a job is that they try to find one that matches their current skills and this is wrong. The right approach is to search for an interesting job then develop the needed skills when you make up your mind.

  • 9 Understand your priorities very well

    If work-life balance is more important to you than money, certainly a 12 hour/day job with a high salary will make you unhappy and dissatisfied. Know your priorities very well before looking for a job.