How to get a 5 star Uber driver rating

    How to get a 5 star Uber driver rating

  • 1 Don't text or talk on the phone while driving

    Texting or talking on the phone while driving makes you seem reckless to the passenger. Avoid doing this during the ride to ensure getting a good rating.

  • 2 Don't break traffic rules

    Breaking traffic rules while driving such as running a red light or speeding can result in a low rating. Respect the traffic laws in order to ensure the passenger's safety and get a high rating. 

  • 3 Don't play music too loudly

    Make sure to ask the passenger if they're okay with listening to some music. If they don't mind, be sure not to make the music too loud so as not to disrupt the passenger and get a 5 star rating. 

  • 4 Don't talk too much

    Some passengers don't like socializing too much while they're taking a ride. Don't ask too many questions or talk too much so as not to receive a bad rating. See How to get a 5 star Uber passenger rating

  • 5 Control your temper

    If, while driving, you experience an irritating incident, control your temper and act calm in front of the passenger. Swearing and yelling at other drivers will result in a low rating. 

  • 6 Call to say you'll be late

    If for any reason you find that you're going to be late for the passenger, call to let them know and ask if they would like to cancel the ride if they wish. Being too late and making the passenger wait for too long will surely result in a bad rating. 

  • 7 Keep your car clean

    Make sure that your car is clean and taken care of to ensure that the passenger feels comfortable. Providing amenities such as water and gum, for example, will also help in getting a good rating. 

  • 8 Follow the navigation system

    Make sure to follow the navigation system so the passenger doesn't think you're deliberately prolonging the ride to get a higher fare. If you think it's necessary to use another faster route, ask the passenger first. 

  • 9 Keep chargers in your car

    One trick to getting a good rating is keeping iPhone and Android chargers in your car since many passengers sometimes desperately need a charger. This will surely result in a good rating. 

  • 10 Don't ask for a 5 star rating

    Many passengers find it extremely annoying when drivers ask for a 5 star rating. Avoid asking for this and be sure that you'll get a good rating if you deserve it. 

  • 11 Take care of your looks

    Dress professionally and make sure you smell and look nice in order to look pleasant to the passenger. Smiling and greeting the passenger is also a way to get a good rating. 

  • 12 Be polite

    Always talk to the passenger in an orderly manner and make sure you're not being rude or disrespectful. Some drivers also prefer to open the door for riders which surely results in a high rating. 

  • 13 Don't fill up on gas while on a trip

    Always make sure that your tank is full when you're on a trip. Stopping for gas while on a trip may delay the rider to an important appointment, for example, which could result in a bad rating. 

  • 14 Immediately answer the rider's phonecall

    Make sure to immediately answer the rider's phonecall to ensure that you get a good rating, as it is annoying when a rider has to call the driver numerous times before they pick up.