How to get a 5 star Uber passenger rating

    How to get a 5 star Uber passenger rating

  • 1 Don't give too many instructions

    Giving too many instructions to the driver can make you seem pushy and bossy, which could result in a low passenger rating. Letting the driver know of an alternative route is okay as long as you're not giving the instructions in a rude or annoying manner. See How to see your Uber passenger rating

  • 2 Don't ask to do anything illegal

    Asking the driver to do anything illegal such as breaking traffic rules or taking an incorrect U-turn can result in a low rating. Thus, don't ask the driver to break any rules while driving. 

  • 3 Be ready for the ride

    Always be ready for the ride when it arrives so as not to keep the driver waiting, which results in a low rating. 

  • 4 Don't make a mess in the backseat

    While riding an Uber, make sure to keep the backseat or front seat clean by not throwing any trash or making a mess. 

  • 5 Be thoughtful

    Treat the Uber you're taking as your own car. For example, don't spill any food or drinks, don't slam the door and don't bring anything smelly with you in the car. 

  • 6 Give a 5 star rating

    If you give deserving rides a 5 star rating, you should probably expect a 5 star rating in return if you're a good passenger. 

  • 7 Leave a tip

    Leaving a cash tip for the driver will most probably result in a good rating. It is also a good way to compensate the driver if you made them wait too long for you, for example. 

  • 8 Don't exceed the limit of passengers

    Don't exceed the limit of passengers, which is 4, as it disrupts the drivers and makes for an unpleasant ride. 

  • 9 Provide an accurate pickup location

    Providing an accurate pickup location helps drivers reach the destination quicker, according to Uber drivers. This results in a 5 star rating. 

  • 10 Be polite

    If you need anything from the driver, such as tissues, water (if they have some) or even the auxiliary cord, make sure to ask the driver politely to ensure getting a 5 star rating. 

  • 11 Follow the rules

    If it is stated in the car that smoking and bringing pets are not allowed, for example, make sure to follow the rules and respect the driver's wishes. If you break the rules, you should expect a low rating from the driver.