How to get a high score on

    How to get a high score on

  • 1 Make sure your internet connection is working well

    A slow internet connection can easily get you killed for the connection will lag. Make sure your internet is working properly.

  • 2 Put your phone in blocking mode

    If you are playing on your phone then put the phone in blocking mode for any incoming call might result in a loss.

  • 3 Collect the first 200 points without splitting

    Splitting can put you in danger especially if you were too small. Start by collecting the small dots and move away from crowded areas until you reach 200 points.

  • 4 Move in zigzag paths when you are small

    When you are too small moving in a straight line might result in landing into the middle of a bigger opponent. Move in a zigzag path as long as you are very small.

  • 5 Avoid corners until you grow big

    Corners should be totally avoided until you are one of the top players. It's very easy to get stuck and eaten in a corner if you were small.

  • 6 Avoid map edges

    A map edge can easily make you stuck and let you get eaten. Pick a central position where you can move freely in all directions.

  • 7 Stay around the green gears

    You can easily hide inside a green gear to escape from a predator. Always keep a gear in sight and if you had to leave make sure you know how to get back to one fast.

  • 8 When you grow big stay away from gears

    As soon as you grow big enough that you are slow move away from gears for other players might try to explode you by pushing gears against you.

  • 9 When you are medium sized eat agressively

    When you become medium sized , ranking from 30th to 10th, you need to eat aggressively in order to grow fast past this stage and become one of the top.

  • 10 Once you are big enough pick a safe corner

    once you grow big enough pick a safe corner that is protected by green gears and keep hunting there.

  • 11 Explode all big balls

    Whenever you come across someone bigger than you make sure you explode him by pushing a gear against him.