How to get more Instagram followers

    How to get more Instagram followers

  • 1 Follow people who follow back

    You can find out whether a person follows others back by looking at their following to followers ratio. Follow the people who follow others back to get more followers.

  • 2 Use 30 hashtags

    The use of hashtags allows more people to discover your Instagram account. Use the maximum allowed number of hashtags with each picture, which is 30 hashtags. See why Instagram is so popular.

  • 3 Post at the right times

    When you get more likes and comments, your pictures are more likely to be seen by others who aren't following you. By posting at the right time, when your followers are most active, you can get more engagements.

  • 4 Post more often

    Once you have some followers who already like your posts, make sure you post more than once. Some people recommend posting 3-4 times a day. See why my Instagram followers dropped suddenly.

  • 5 Try to get some influences to follow you

    Once you manage to get some influences to follow you, your chances of being discovered by others is going to be higher.

  • 6 Don't buy unreal followers

    There are many services that sell unreal followers. Not only will those followers result in no engagement, but they are very likely to be removed by Instagram as it cleans up its database. See why Instagram could be bad for you.

  • 7 Run a contest

    If you have a brand account, running a contest might be a good idea to increase your followers by a good amount in a short period of time.

  • 8 Run an advertisement

    You can create an advertisement campaign on Instagram to advertise your account. If you have a good budget, advertising might be a good idea.

  • 9 Like and comment on many pictures

    The more you engage with the content of others, the more likely you are going to be discovered by more people on Instagram.

  • 10 Share your posts on other social networks

    Make sure you always share your posts on other social networks when publishing them on Instagram. This will allow others to discover your Instagram account through the other social networks. See why Instagram is better than Facebook.

  • 11 Find people with follow back hashtags

    Many people use hashtags such as #willfollowback. Find those hashtags then follow a large number of people within them to get more followers.

  • 12 Only post high quality images

    Posting mediocre images or images that are not of high quality might prevent users from following you. Make sure you only post the best images on Instagram. See why Instagram is fake.

  • 13 Use the Myfair filter

    According to a report, the Myfair filter is the best filter for marketing. Using this filter can help you get more followers.

  • 14 Post on sundays

    According to Forbes, Sunday sees the smallest number of pictures posted, thus posting on it can give your posts more visibility.

  • 15 Post blue photos

    According to research, blue photos are 24% more likely to get likes and engagements than red or yellow ones.

  • 16 Post lighter photos

    According to Forbes, photos that have more light get 24% more likes than those with less light. See how Instagram started.

  • 17 Use related hashtags

    You must use hashtags that are very related to the picture you are posting or else the people who discover those pictures won't be that interested in them.

  • 18 Post unconventional photos

    People get bored of what's repetitive. Post unconventional photos and ones that can easily amaze or impress potential followers.