How to get the secret ending in Bloodborne?

    How to get the secret ending in Bloodborne?

  • 1 Consume three One Third Umbilical Cord

    There's a total of four Umbilical cords throughout the game in the following locations:

    1- Abandoned Workshop

    2- Iosefka's Clinic

    3- Tomb of Oedon (Arinna's child) after the Red Moon phase

    4- Mergo's Wet Nurse

  • 2 Refuse Gehrman's offer

    Once you've returned to the Hunter's Dream, the Doll will tell you that Gehrman is waiting for you by the foot of the tree. Go there and he'll offer to kill you in the dream so you can wake up and forget all about it. Refuse his offer and defeat him.

  • 3 The Moon Presence

    If you do not consume the three One Third Umbilical Cord, you will become the Hunter's Helper when the Moon Presence descends down. However, if you do, you'll be able to resist the Moon Presence. 

  • 4 Recommended minimum requirements

    Level: 90+

    Weapon: Any level 9+

    Blood vials: 8+

  • 5 Get close to the Moon Presence

    Switch to the two handed form. The Moon Presence is fast, but you can get close enough to it to land multiple hits at a time, especially if you're behind it.

  • 6 Dodge when it flashes red

    If the Moon Presnese pauses and flashes red, prepare to lose virtually all of your health. Use the regain attacks fast to regain some of your health then use a health vial to avoid dying.

  • 7 Avoid the Blood Moon Orbs

    The Blood Moon Orbs hit you from the ground around the mist and they act like numbing Mist, preventing you from healing.

  • 8 Slay the Moon Presence

    Once you have finished the Moon Presence, you will unlock the secret ending of the game.

  • 9 Drops

    230,000 Blood Echoes

  • 10 Next area

    New Game+ once the credits roll.