How to have a Lucid Dream

    How to have a Lucid Dream

  • 1 Create reality checks

    While you are awake create some kind of a reality check so that you can let your mind recognize the difference between the dreaming state and the being awake state. For example you can write something on your palm then check for its existence every hour.

  • 2 Keep repeating the reality check

    Every now and then check for the writing on your palm,  or that other reality check you created, in order to make sure you are still awake. The point here is to force this check to become a habit so that it happens in the dream and then you would realize that you are dreaming.

  • 3 Set the intention to remember the dream

    Some experts suggest that you set the intention to remember that you are dreaming , while you are asleep, and to keep repeating that in your mind over and over as long as you are awake so that it happens to you in your sleep. See also why do we have dreams.

  • 4 Become more self aware

    When you learn how to become more conscious and more self aware of your reality it might become easier for you to realize that you are dreaming when are asleep. Do your best to become more conscious of your reality.

  • 5 Think about lucid dreaming before sleeping

    While you are in bed , and right before sleeping, start to think about lucid dreaming and also the kind of dream you want to see. According to some experts this can help you dream about what you thought about before sleeping. See why do we dream in symbols.

  • 6 Recall your dreams in the morning

    It's very important that you learn how to remember the dreams you saw. Each morning write the dreams you saw the last night and try to remember their details.

  • 7 Repeat a certain phrase before you sleep

    This technique is called Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming, or MILD. When you repeat a phrase such as 'I will see a lucid dream now' before sleeping you can actually program your mind to see a lucid dream.

  • 8 Realize the common patterns in the dreams

    As you recall more of your dreams you will be able to recognize the recurring patterns that sometimes happen during a dream. This can help you realize that you are dreaming once you see one of those patterns. See why do we get recurring dreams.

  • 9 Try to return back to the dream

    If you woke in the middle of the night then remain up for sometime until you become fully conscious , half an hour for example, then go to sleep again and try to focus on that dream you had. There is a chance that you will return back to the same dream knowing that you are dreaming this time.

  • 10 Get a light based alarm

    The things that happen around you while you are asleep can help you see a lucid dream , like touching and sounds. When you get a light based alarm , instead of a sound based one, the light cues coming from the alarm can help you see a lucid dream. Set the alarm to go every one hour if possible.

  • 11 Have a fixed sleeping schedule

    Lucid dreams happen during the REM stage of sleep , rapid-eye-movement, and in order to increase your chance of going through this stage make sure your sleeping schedule is fixed. If you woke up during the rem stage then returned back to sleep you are more likely to see a lucid dream.

  • 12 Get binaural beats

    According to one theory listening to binaural beats , beats that send different sound frequency to each ear, can increase the chance of having a lucid dream.

  • 13 Play more games

    According to Wikihow gamers are more likely to see lucid dreams than others. The area needs to be studied more but it's easy to test the assumption. Play games whenever you have free time.

  • 14 Take vitamin B5 or B6

    Vitamin B5 and B6 can increase the dream vividness and so increase your chance of having a lucid dream.

  • 15 Keep watching your enviroment

    While you are awake keep watching your environment for any strange signs. When you get used to this habit you might end up doing it while sleeping and so you might realize you are asleep. See why do we have dreams.