Why some people are super productive

  • 1 They decrease the time span between thinking and taking action

    Don't allow your mind to stall you by giving yourself too much time to plan or think about the action you're about to take. The faster you act, the more you will accomplish.

  • 2 They create longer to-do lists

    Set a to-do list stuffed with more than you can finish in a day. This is better and more encouraging to get things done fast rather than a 3-4 task list. It's good to come short on a big to do list rather than feel lazy or waste time with an empty one.

  • 3 They get rid of their frogs and finish the most important tasks first

    Your frog is your biggest, lousiest task that is most likely to keep being procrastinated. The earlier you finish this task, the happier and unstoppable you'll feel.

  • 4 They set deadlines for everything.

    Always have a deadline for each task and be willing to jump to the next one if you don't finish the first. The speed will make you finish more tasks per day. Besides, it's psychologically easier to complete an unfinished task rather than start a new one.

  • 5 They delegate

    Hand off the things which can be done better by someone else, and free your time for more important tasks. Be willing as well to hire those who can help you reach a certain goal without occupying too much mental space, like hiring a personal trainer or a lifestyle coach, for example.

  • 6 They avoid distractions

    Close your door, shut off the internet and accept no phone calls. This is the best way to get you into the right mental flow.

  • 7 They wake up early

    It's more encouraging to start your goals knowing that you have the whole day, rather than starting your day later. Different perspectives, though it's the same 24 hours for both examples. Besides, there are less distractions early in the morning.

  • 8 They stay away from anything that fails to show results

    Negative people, wrong diets, useless productivity techniques...etc. Stay away from whatever you have tried and failed to make use of, you're only wasting your time.

  • 9 They know their time is limited

    Ambition creates a sense of urgency and makes you respect every minute you have. Set yourself big, juicy goals that require you to take a lot of action, you need ambition to stay productive.

  • 10 They are organized

    Staying neat and tidy will help you organize your thoughts and get you to feel relaxed; something that you need to stay focused on the task in hand.

  • 11 They don't spread themselves too thin

    Multitasking is a lie that many people believe in. Despite being ambitious or having many tasks at hand, you still can only focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is counterproductive and wastes time, as it decreases concentration.

  • 12 They set a specific bedtime

    Many people work late nights just because they have been too lazy all day. Setting for yourself a definite bedtime will force you to avoid early and midday procrastination.

  • 13 They let go of what doesn't bring results

    Productive people are in a state of continuous revision of their actions, plans and results. Whatever that doesn't bring more results or lead to the required outcome is and should be removed to save more time and produce more in the time in hand.

  • 14 Less time wasted regretting past mistakes

    Super productive people keep their focus on the current moment or on the future, instead of thinking of what they did wrong. This saves them so much time and energy and maintains their motivation level from getting affected by regret and other negative emotions.

  • 15 Keeping the same routine

    A fixed routine in both work and life saves too much time wasted on making decisions that are mostly either trivial or not so important. Barack Obama wears only blue or gray suits to avoid decision fatigue and to save both time and energy for more important tasks and decisions.