How to interpret my dreams?

    How to interpret my dreams?

  • 1 Only you can interpret your dreams

    Contrary to common beliefs, only you or a person who knows a great deal about you can interpret your dreams. The symbols you see in a dream don't have universal meaning and you are the only person who can understand what these symbols.

  • 2 What the symbols mean for you

    Do you fear cats? Then certainly seeing a cat in a dream would have a totally different meaning than if a friend of yours who loves cats had the same dream. Begin by writing down all the symbols in your dream then try to understand what each one means to you.

  • 3 Forget about online symbol interpretation lists

    Seeing a cat means bla bla while seeing a dog means bla bla. These lists aren't designed to explain your unique personal relationships with these symbols; never depend on them.

  • 4 Recall your recent important life events

    What are the most important events that you have been through lately? Did you quit your job? Did you get in a fight with your best friend? Did you break up? Write down a list of all of the serious things that have happened to you lately.

  • 5 Try to connect those events with the symbols in your dream

    So you lost your money in the stock market and you then dreamt about your teeth falling out. Couldn't this dream be pointing out the fact that you lost some of your power? If you believe money is power, certainly this is the meaning of that dream (see why we dream in symbols).

  • 6 People can be symbols too

    Even the people you see in dreams can be symbols. Your mind might be referring to someone else when it shows you a certain person in a dream. Don't assume that all the people you see in dreams are the ones your mind is really referring to (see Why we dream about people).

  • 7 Keep a pen and a paper beside your bed

    Sometimes you might wake up in the middle of the night remembering your dream then when you wake up later in the morning you remember nothing. The best way to prevent this from happening is to write down the elements of important dreams if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

  • 8 Try to understand the purpose of your dream

    Your mind could be reminding you of an existing problem so that you could work on solving it. It could be motivating you to take action or it could just be sorting new events that happened so that you can accept them (See Why we get recurring dreams).

  • 9 All the symbols must perfectly match

    Let's suppose you saw 5 symbols in a dream. In order to make sure you got the dream right, all 5 symbols must perfectly match a certain event in reality. In other words, don't guess the meaning of 1 or 2 symbols only then assume you got it right.

  • 10 Most of your guesses about the future will be wrong

    Most dreams are mere reflections of things that had already happened. Don't mistakenly think that most dreams refer to the future. While visions are not uncommon, still the majority of dreams point to the past and not the future.

  • 11 Common dreams don't have common meanings

    If you see yourself falling or flying then it might be tempting to assume that this dream has universal meaning, but unless the dream can be connected to your own unique life, the universal meaning should be discarded.

  • 12 Understand the message

    Your mind might be trying to send you an important message. So pay attention to the personal meanings of your dreams in order to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.