How to look more masculine

  • 1 Grow more facial hair

    Growing a beard, a mustache or both can make your face seem more masculine. Men who have baby faces can look more masculine after growing their facial hair.

  • 2 Talk less

    According to experts, speaking less can make you seem more masculine than if you talked often. Masculine men usually use short and concise phrases and don't speak too much. See how to tell if a man has high testosterone.

  • 3 Look angry

    According to psychologists, an angry face seems more masculine than a smiling face. Males who have angry faces seem more masculine than other men. See also signs of low testosterone in men.

  • 4 Grow muscles

    A muscular body can make you seem more masculine. A slim or an overweight body can make you seem less masculine.

  • 5 Don't smile

    According to studies, smiling can make a man seem less masculine and more submissive. Smile less if you want to seem more masculine. See how testosterone affects male behavior.

  • 6 Cut your hair short

    Shorter hair can make you seem more masculine than longer hair. Cutting your hair very short with a shaving machine can give you a more masculine look.

  • 7 Maintain a proper posture

    Confidence and masculinity go hand in hand. The more confident you become, the more masculine you will seem. Keep your back straight all the time for a more manly look.

  • 8 Lower your body fat

    Men with low fat in their body have higher levels of testosterone. Lower your body fat to look more masculine and give the impression that you have high levels of testosterone.

  • 9 Dress like a man

    Wear suits, jackets, V t-shirts, shirts, leather or boots. Dress less like a teen and more like a mature man. See how to dress like a bad boy.

  • 10 Wear dark clothes

    Dark clothes, especially black, can make a typical person seem more dangerous. Since masculinity and looking intimidating go hand in hand, wearing black clothes can make you seem more manly.

  • 11 Half close your eyes

    Testosterone results in smaller eyes. If you want to look more manly in a picture then half close your eyes in such a way that you lower your brows towards your eye.

  • 12 Lose the fat in your face

    If you are lucky enough to have clear cheek bones, you need to make them more visible by losing some of the fat in your face. This can happen by reducing your overall body fat percentage.

  • 13 Wear solid colors

    Solid colors can make you seem more masculine. Wear shirts that have one or two solid colors and avoid very colorful clothes.