How to make your website look trustworthy

  • 1 Make the design professional

    Looks are important to a large number of people. According to psychologists, the look and feel of a website can result in a certain impression about the company behind it. A professional design will thus make your site look trustworthy.

  • 2 Fix all technical glitches

    People on the internet are highly sensitive to scam attempts. As soon as those people find any warning sign in the site, such as a technical error, they will lose trust easily. Fix all technical issues to make your site trustworthy.

  • 3 Move to HTTPS

    When you move to HTTPS, the connection to your site will be labeled secure in most browsers. This will give people more faith in your site and it will seem more trustworthy.

  • 4 Add a visitor counter

    According to psychologists, many people believe in what they get told even if no solid evidence was provided. A visitor counter can thus make your site seem trustworthy if you already have a good number of visitors.

  • 5 Make it easy to read

    According to a study, people believe more in the information that is easy to read than the information that is hard to read. Make sure your site is easy to read and navigate.

  • 6 Make the ads look professional

    Ads can make a website look unprofessional and can thus reduce the trust in the site. Make sure you make the ads look professional so that they don't hurt the reputation of the site. See why ads are bad for your website.

  • 7 Choose a short domain name

    Shorter and more professional domain names promote more trust than long domain names with many keywords in them. See how to choose a domain name.

  • 8 Add trust badges

    Trust badges such as the McAfee secure badge and other badges that promote trust can help make your site seem more secure and trustworthy.

  • 9 Use social proof

    According to psychologists, people are more likely to trust something if other people trust it. If your website gets lots of shares, likes or interactions then make sure you make those interactions visible to visitors.

  • 10 Update your website frequently

    Websites that get updated frequently look more trustworthy since visitors believe that someone is already taking care of the website regularly.

  • 11 Make the contact form visible

    Make it very easy for people to reach you whether through a contact form or live chat. When people can reach the ones behind a site, they feel safer.

  • 12 Proofread your site

    Typos and grammatical errors can make some people lose trust in your website. Make sure that your site is proofread well.

  • 13 Display company info

    Any information you display about your company to your visitors can make your site more trustworthy. Writing down your company's address or showing a picture of your site can help make your site seem trustworthy.

  • 14 Add a phone number

    According to studies, adding a phone number to a site can make it seem much more trustworthy and can actually result in increased sales.

  • 15 Make it fast to load

    Fast sites might seem more trustworthy to visitors compared to slow sites that take a lot of time to load.

  • 16 Display your Alexa rank

    If your website has a good Alexa rank then displaying your rank can help make your website seem more authentic and trustworthy.

  • 17 Post your credentials

    If you have any professional credentials, it would make a lot of sense to add them to your website for people might trust you more when they see them.

  • 18 Post user reviews

    If you are getting reviews from customers and visitors then make sure others see them if they are mostly good. This can make your site seem more trustworthy.

  • 19 Don't mislead people to click

    Don't mislead people just to make them click on a link for that can make them lose trust in your site. Understand the user's intention then make sure you are leading them where they expect to be.

  • 20 Improve search engine visibility

    Some people trust the sites that show up on the top of the results in search engines. Make sure you improve your SEO strategy to make your site seem more trustworthy.