How to prevent chargebacks online

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    How to prevent chargebacks online

  • 1 Follow up with customers

    Some customers request chargebacks because they had problems with their orders and no one solved it for them. Make sure you follow up with customers after they make a purchase.

  • 2 Make sure products are delivered

    Sometimes the product might be delayed or even not delivered for any reason. Make sure you contact the customers to confirm whether they got their. Customers who don't get their products might request a chargeback.

  • 3 Refund customers

    When a customer asks for a refund, make sure you give it to them. Customers sometimes request chargebacks when they fail to get refunds. Make sure your refund policy is applied properly to reduce chargebacks.

  • 4 Don't use a private email

    If your email address is at your private domain then there is a high possibility that your emails are going to be filtered as spam. Make sure you use a public Email such as Gmail in order to send your follow up messages.

  • 5 Make it easy for customers to contact you

    When it becomes hard for a customer to reach you, they might think about requesting a chargeback. Always make sure that customers can easily locate your contact information.

  • 6 Remind long term subscribers

    When a person subscribes for your service for a long period of time, they might forget that they were subscribed to something and so they might request a chargeback. Send emails that remind subscribers of their subscription every now and then.

  • 7 Make subscription services very clear

    No matter how clear you explain that your product has recurring payments, some customers will fail to realize that. Make sure that your subscribers are aware that their cards will be charged again.

  • 8 Notify customers about your payment gateway

    If you use a popular payment Gateway to process your orders then notify your customers about that so that they recognize the charge when they see it on their cards.

  • 9 Ask customers to check their junk mail

    Ask customers to check their junk mails after they make an order by displaying a message on your site. Many customers might fail to get your communication emails because they arrive to the junk mail.

  • 10 Provide exceptional customer service

    Customers might call their banks if they failed to get a proper level of service or support from your business. 

  • 11 Provide your phone number to customers

    If you are able to provide a customer service phone number to customers then they will easily be able to reach you if they needed help and so they will request less chargebacks.

  • 12 Unsubscribe unreachable customers

    If a customer subscribed to your services then they became unreachable on their emails then you might want to unsubscribe them from your service. Some customers might lose access to their emails and so fail to see your communication messages.