How to prevent my phone from exploding

    How to prevent my phone from exploding

  • 1 Use the original charger

    If, for any reason, a charger couldn't work well with the phone's battery then the battery might overheat. The overheating can lead to a short circuit, which can in turn lead to the explosion of the phone. See why do cellphones explode.

  • 2 Use an original battery

    Don't use a battery that isn't 100 compatible with your phone. If the battery could't work well with the other parts of the phone, it might overheat. The battery might also not be designed to get rid of excessive heat with the proper rate. In both cases, the phone might explode.

  • 3 Unplug the phone after charging

    Most batteries have got safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging. Removing the phone from the charger, however, might provide an extra layer of protection in case the battery is bad or damaged. See why your phone isn't charging.

  • 4 Keep the phone away while charging

    To insure the highest level of safety, keep the phone away from you while it's being charged. In case any problem happens during the charging process, you will still be safe. See why cellphones are harmful.

  • 5 Remove the case

    If the phone got hot for any reason then you might want to remove the phone's case. The case might be preventing heat from being lost in a proper way.

  • 6 Stop using the heated phone

    Once a phone heats up, you need to put it away immediately or stop doing the tasks that resulted in the extra heat. Extra heat can damage the battery and in turn lead to an explosion or a fire.

  • 7 Don't leave the phone in the sun

    Leaving the phone in the sun can result in overheating, which might lead to a fire or explosion. In addition, the battery could get damaged by heat then malfunction later.

  • 8 Don't drop the phone

    Dropping the phone can cause damage to the battery. When the battery gets damaged, a short circuit might happen that leads to an endless cycle of heating. This event could lead to an explosion.

  • 9 Don't pressure the phone

    Putting pressure on the phone and specifically the battery might result in punctures. Those punctures can affect the way the battery works and can cause serious risks.

  • 10 Avoid low quality phones

    Low quality phones might not be designed with safety in mind. If the components aren't designed well, they might get damaged; thus increasing the risk of an explosion.

  • 11 Don't charge in high temperatures

    Don't charge the phone if the weather is too hot or if the phone is already over-heated. Wait for the phone to cool down before charging.

  • 12 Don't use the phone while charging

    If your phone overheats when it's used, you should not use it while it's charging in order not to cause an overheating problem.

  • 13 Replace damaged batteries

    Even if the batteries are slightly damaged, you still need to replace them. A damaged battery can increase the risk of a fire or explosion.

  • 14 Avoid unofficial power banks

    Unofficial power banks might lead to the damage of the battery. If the power bank is not fully compatible with the phone then battery problems might happen.