How to put out someone on fire

  • 1 Make them drop and roll

    You must try to persuade the person on fire to lie on the ground then roll. This can put out the fire as a result of preventing it from catching oxygen from the air.

  • 2 Roll them in a smothering item

    According to a Quora thread, a person who is on fire should be rolled in a smothering item if possible. This can help extinguish the fire.

  • 3 Don't use a wet bandage

    According to a firefighter, if the person has more than 10% body burns then using a wet bandage to protect them might cause hypothermia.

  • 4 Use a fire blanket

    If you have a fire blanket, roll it around the person. This can help extinguish the fire. See also how to survive extreme cold in wilderness.

  • 5 Use a heavy, tightly-woven fabric

    If you don't have a fire blanket, use a heavy, tightly-woven fabric. Avoid open weave fabrics or or any synthetic materials that are not specifically fire rated.

  • 6 Don't cover people up immediately

    Don't cover people up immediately after the fire is put out because this can trap the heat from brunt skin or clothes.

  • 7 Use water to cool the burnt areas

    You can use water to cool the burnt areas of the person's body.

  • 8 Make them jump in water

    If there is any water surface near by, such as a pool, jumping in it would stop the fire. This must happen immediately after the person catches fire.

  • 9 Running makes it worse

    When a person who is on fire runs, the flames get fanned and so they grow. See how to survive a snake bite.

  • 10 Do not use synthetic materials

    Synthetic materials can easily catch fire and make the matter worse. When you cover a person with something, make sure it can't catch fire easily. Avoid using fabrics made of rubber or nylon.

  • 11 Do not pull their clothes

    Pulling away clothes might take off parts of the molten skin. Avoid pulling away clothes.

  • 12 Do not let the person drink

    Smoke inhalation makes the throat swell. Do not give the person anything to drink.

  • 13 Keep them warm

    When the skin burns, the body might lose the ability to control its temperature. Keep the person's body warm until help arrives.