Signs you are living a positive life

    Signs you are living a positive life

  • 1 You don't succumb to bad moods

    Most of the time you feel negative because you can't do something. The best and the wisest thing to do is to take action right away and stop any overthinking. Once you start taking action, you'll find yourself feeling better. The key to a positive mood is taking immediate action.

  • 2 You assume responsibility for everything

    Assuming you're the main cause of whatever happens in your life will prevent you from relying on wishing and hoping. Take no excuses from yourself and know that prayers won't be accepted until you do your best. Owning your destiny will give you the sense of control you need to be happy.

  • 3 You don't spend your time on negative stuff

    News is nothing but a 45 minute-summary for all the killings, problems, fails and bankruptcies that happen around you. And social media is the place where many people share flawed opinions about how a successful life should be. Limit the time spent on negativity and you'll live a positive life.

  • 4 You avoid gossiping (at least too much)

    The art of speaking negatively about other people, gossip, will either make you feel resentful or lower any feeling of hunger or burning desire for improvement. See How to make life easier.

  • 5 You see possibilities in people's success

    The best way to believe that good things CAN happen is to track other people's success stories, especially those whose situations used to be worse than your current one. Spend time tracking successful people and you'll learn something new everyday.

  • 6 You treat problems as new opportunities

    Think about it for a second and you'll find that every single high achiever and every famous service solves someone's problem(s). Approach solving problems as a way to leave a mark. Being known as a successful problem-solver will boost your career many times over.

  • 7 You keep an eye on your blessings

    Find something to be grateful for. Resentful people don't lead a happy life.

  • 8 You have no problem expressing yourself

    'This is who I am, and this what I believe in.' Approaching life with this attitude will give you high self-esteem AND make people like you. Not everybody can stay authentic, so differentiate yourself by saying, and feeling what you want. Confidence starts from this point.

  • 9 Don't spend too much time worrying

    If you only care about taking enough actions to ensure your success and leaving the rest to your God (Karma/Universe.....etc), you will worry less and gain peace of mind.

  • 10 Live in the now

    Train yourself to be happy now, to take action now, to express yourself now and to live your life right now. Tune yourself to 'The Now' and you'll lead a happy, positive life.

  • 11 You no longer care about being perfect

    There's nothing bad about aiming for greatness. However, many people are so insecure to the extent that it makes them chase perfection in order to hide what they believe is flawed about them. Don't be one of those people.

  • 12 You believe that goals can be achieved

    Free yourself from the limits you put on yourself. Track your own progress, take massive actions and track other peoples' success. You need to see possibilities instead of unattainable goals.

  • 13 You've stopped speaking on behalf of God

    This is common among many people. They either blame God or throw their failure on God's will. Success in this life is reached by actions before prayers. Free yourself from over-guessing God's will and take responsibility for your own life.

  • 14 You've stopped being a victim

    Guilt-tripping, blaming others and having a victim-oriented mentality is emotionally rewarding in the short term, but overdoing it will never make you happy nor make people enjoy being around you.