How to stop yourself from snoring

    How to stop yourself from snoring

  • 1 Use specific dental mouthpieces

    There are specific dental mouthpieces set specifically to adjust the position of the jaw, tongue and soft palate to keep the air passage open. However, this does not come without side effects, as they may include mouth dryness, discomfort and jaw pain.

  • 2 Going through traditional surgery

    Traditional surgery is one of the most common and most practiced methods to stop snoring. It's a procedure known as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) where the tissue of the throat is tightened and trimmed.

  • 3 Going through laser surgery

    It is similar to the previously-mentioned surgery yet with laser assistance. The procedure is known as laser-assisted uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (LAUPPP). It removes the excess tissue in order to enlarge the airway. However, this procedure may require more than one session.

  • 4 Getting palatal implants

    This procedure is known as the pillar procedure where braided strands of polyester filament are injected into the soft palate. This stiffens it and reduces snoring. However, the benefits and safety of this procedure are still being studied.

  • 5 Losing weight

    Losing weight, especially for people who are overweight, is one of the most well-known methods of decreasing snoring. See also why do people snore.

  • 6 Sleeping on the side

    Sleeping on the side stops the tongue from falling to the back of the throat which can be a main cause for snoring at times.

  • 7 Getting enough sleep

    The lack of sleep can be a contributing reason for why some people snore. 7 or 8 hours a day is the proper amount of sleep for an adult. However, most people do not do that.


  • 8 Avoiding smoking and drinking

    Smoking and drinking a few hours before sleeping can reduce the snoring function for a bit, in addition to having other benefits.

  • 9 Wearing sleeping masks

    There are several masks that are built specifically to decrease snoring. Using them can be very helpful.

  • 10 Exercising

    There are specific exercises that can help reduce snoring patterns. Additionally, exercising helps with weight loss as well which in turn helps with snoring.