How to survive a zombie apocalypse

    How to survive a zombie apocalypse

  • 1 Head to the mountains

    According to a mathematical model simulation carried out by Cornell University on the possibility of surviving a zombie outbreak, the best place to hide would be the mountains.

  • 2 Stock supplies and wait

    Stocking supplies and waiting out the area of acute infection would be a good idea. After that phase the rate of infection will slow down and the chance of survival will be higher.

  • 3 Buy a protective suit

    Buying an Ebola-style protective suit can reduce the chances of infection. Bristol's city council suggested buying such a suit in case an epidemic hits. See also why people like Zombie movies.

  • 4 Wait for the goverment to find a soloution

    If such an outbreak happened then the government will certainly try to look for a cure. Waiting in a safe place until that happens is a good strategy.

  • 5 Go to a high land

    When you see things from an elevated area you will be able to tell if Zombies are heading towards you or not. Staying above the ground is a good idea.

  • 6 Find some weapons

    To be prepared for the worst you need to stock some weapons. If you can find guns, pistols or knives then this will increase your chances of survival. See also why the walking dead is so popular.

  • 7 Barricade windows and doors

    If you got stuck in a house then you need to barricade the windows and doors so that you prevent any zombies from breaking into the house.

  • 8 Walk with a team

    Being part of a team can increase your chance of survival. One of the team members must watch while others sleep and warn them if anything went wrong.

  • 9 Block doors with furniture

    The good thing about blocking doors with furniture is that you can easily remove the furniture when you decide to leave.

  • 10 Aim for the brain

    If the zombie epidemic happened the same way it happens in the movies then shooting zombies in the brain can help. In all cases shooting in the brain can be very effective so don't waste bullets on other body parts.

  • 11 Leave your neighborhood

    If you can leave your neighborhood that would be a good idea in order not to find yourself facing the moral choice of shooting someone you knew just because he turned into a zombie.

  • 12 Find a place with high walls

    Places like prisons and military bases can be great places for hiding since they will have high walls. Just make sure no body is inside before you attempt to break in so you don't get killed.

  • 13 Don't trust other humans

    When chaos happens and rules disappear so many people will act based on their selfish desires while ignoring all moral values. Those people can kill you just to get your supplies, for example.

  • 14 Stack some medication

    It might be very hard to get access to medications during an outbreak. Make sure you stack the needed ones if possible.