How to survive extreme cold in wilderness

    How to survive extreme cold in wilderness

  • 1 Cover your head

    The body loses the largest amount of heat through the head. Covering the head if possible can help in preventing the body from losing heat fast. You can lose 40 to 45% of heat through your head if it's not covered.

  • 2 Remove facial jewellery

    Earrings and facial jewellery will become extremely cold fast. You should remove them as soon as you can.

  • 3 Cover your neck, wrists and ankles

    A lot of heat loss can happen through the neck, wrists and ankles. Make sure you cover all of those parts if possible.

  • 4 Don't eat snow

    Eating snow doesn't hydrate the body. You need to find a way to melt the ice. Start a fire if possible to provide yourself with warmth and to be able to melt some ice for drinking.

  • 5 Protect your extremities

    Frostbite can happen within minutes. Make sure you protect your extremities as fast as you can. See what happens to the body in cold weather.

  • 6 Eat to fuel your body

    You will lose more heat in the cold. If you have food eat it to provide your body with energy.

  • 7 Don't overeat

    Overeating can lead to sweating and this in turn can result in loss of body heat fast.

  • 8 Never touch frozen metal

    Your skin can get peeled off if you touch frozen metal.

  • 9 Avoid sweating

    Don't work hard until you sweat because the water on your body will make you lose heat fast. See also what happens to the body in cold water.

  • 10 Protect your core

    Try to protect your core by covering it with an extra later of clothes if possible.

  • 11 Loosen your clothes

    Wearing Tight clothes can prevent the blood from circulating properly and so can prevent enough heat from reaching your extremities. See also how freezing to death feels like.

  • 12 Find a shelter

    If you can find a shelter to protect yourself from the wind you will be able to save a lot of your body heat since the wind can result in a faster rate of losing heat.

  • 13 Build a shelter

    If it's possible to Dig a snow cave or to build a shelter using tree branches then do it.