How to tell if someone is narcissistic

    How to tell if someone is narcissistic

  • 1 Exaggerated self importance

    The narcissist will have an exaggerated sense of self importance. They will consider themselves more important than others and except some kind of a special treatment.

  • 2 Very big ego

    A narcissist has a very big ego. The will have the same traits of egoistic people, but in a much exaggerated way.

  • 3 They always seek vengance

    Narcissists consider themselves unique, special and even superior. Narcissists can seek vengeance ruthlessly if someone disrespected them as a result of their exaggerated feeling about their self importance. See also What makes a person a narcissist

  • 4 They lack empathy

    A typical narcissist lacks empathy for people's feelings and suffering. The narcissist might fail to understand the suffering of others, and as a result, they might fail to empathize with them.

  • 5 They devalue others

    Narcissists will devalue the person who doesn't treat them as if they are very special. A narcissist can either consider a person valuable or worthless. Narcissists consider all of those who don't approve them worthless.

  • 6 They are preoccupied with fantasies

    Narcissists are usually preoccupied with fantasies about unlimited power or unlimited success. A narcissist can thus be extremely ambitious. See where does ambition come from.

  • 7 They seek admirers

    Narcissists always try to seek people who admire them, love them or even glorify them. According to psychologists, this is called seeking the narcissistic supply. A narcissist can't survive without enough narcissistic supply. See why some people are players.

  • 8 They have a high sense of entitlement

    Narcissists usually believe that they deserve to get the best. They believe that they are entitled to receive all the things they wish for because they think they are very special and not like ordinary people.

  • 9 They can act very arrogant

    Narcissists can seem very arrogant, as they put others down, elevate their own importance and keep praising themselves for the glorious things they have done.

  • 10 They experience excessive jealousy

    Because narcissists always want the best, they might become very jealous of the ones who have things that they don't have. Narcissists experience intense jealousy, and also believe that others are jealous of them. See why do people become jealous.

  • 11 They respond harshly to criticism

    Narcissists can't handle criticism because it destroys the image of superiority and the air of royalty they created for themselves. A narcissist will usually hate the person who criticizes them and devalues them completely.

  • 12 They love to talk about themsleves

    Narcissists love to talk about themselves, their achievements and the great things they have done. Most narcissists know how to charm people and stir the conversation in a direction where they become the center of attention.

  • 13 They try to impress people

    Narcissists are usually very showy. They are usually good at impressing people and making them believe that they are truly special. Narcissists always try to impress people to keep the narcissistic supply flowing.

  • 14 They are charming

    As a result of their intense desire to get admirers, narcissists usually learn how to charm people, to impress them and to attract them. A typical narcissist can be very charming, charismatic and persuasive.

  • 15 They break rules

    Narcissists usually break rules as a result of believing that they are so special that rules don't apply to them. The extent of which narcissists break rules will depend on their level of ethics.

  • 16 They take care of their appearance

    Even if they don't look that attractive, a narcissist will take excessive care of their appearance and buy whatever is needed to make themselves look charming. This is one reason why narcissists might be interested in material things.

  • 17 They take everything personally

    A narcissist will take anything that they don't like personally. They will consider you against them if you did something that they don't like.