How to tell if someone is stubborn

  • 1 Long front teeth

    According to face reading, stubborn people usually have long front teeth. If a person's front teeth are longer than the rest of the teeth then this person is considered stubborn.

  • 2 Pointed chin

    According to face reading, a stubborn person will usually have a pointed chin. If the person has both a pointed chin and long front tooth then they are likely to be stubborn.

  • 3 They always argue

    Stubborn people always argue about everything simply because they never want to change their minds. A stubborn person usually sticks to one opinion and never changes it.

  • 4 They never change their minds

    Stubborn people never change their minds no matter what happens. A stubborn person can go lengths to make sure they stick to their opinion.

  • 5 They are persistent

    Stubborn people are also usually persistent in their own lives. A person who is stubborn might keep trying and trying until they get what they want.

  • 6 They consider everything a challenge

    For a stubborn person, everything is a challenge. If you told a stubborn person that they can't do something then you are actually challenging them.

  • 7 They hardly change plans

    A stubborn person can hardly change a plan that they made or a life goal that they have set. A stubborn person usually sticks to their goals and plans for very long periods of time.

  • 8 They get aggressive

    When a person tries to force a stubborn person to do something, the stubborn person might actually become aggressive. Aggression in such a case is a method that the stubborn person uses in order to defend their opinion.

  • 9 They have controlling parents

    Controlling parents usually create stubborn children. If you noticed that someone's parents are controlling then there is a chance that they will be stubborn.

  • 10 They hate to be pressured

    If you pressure a stubborn person then they will become even more stubborn and they will never comply. A typical stubborn person is very likely to never answer you if you called many times per day.

  • 11 They always do what they want

    A stubborn person will always end up doing what they want even after a long argument. For example, a stubborn person might decide to go to the movies alone just because their friends want to see a different movie than the one they want.