How to tell if two people are in a relationship through their body language

  • 1 Very little private distance

    When two people are together, they will usually leave very little private distance between them. People feel very comfortable around the ones they are with and so they allow them into their private space. See personal space in body language.

  • 2 Frequent touching

    When two people are together, they are very likely to touch frequently. Those people could simply sit too close that they accidentally touch or they could intentionally touch each other frequently.

  • 3 Sitting next to each other

    Couples usually sit next to each other when they are with others. This is also true in photos where couples usually stand side to side. When two people are together, they will usually sit next to each other.

  • 4 Automatic mirroring

    Couples will usually mirror each other without noticing. According to body language, people mirror each other unconsciously if they are very close to each other. See why do people copy the body language of others.

  • 5 Communicating with looks

    When two people are together, they will usually communicate with looks that only they can understand. You might find one of them looking at the other and smiling before the other responds with a similar look and smile.

  • 6 Smiling while looking at each other

    If the relationship is still in the early stage then those people might smile as they look towards each other even if there was no reason for smiling.

  • 7 Holding hands

    People usually hold hands when they are together. If you noticed that two people in a group are holding hands then they are probably together.

  • 8 Smiling when the other one talks

    During early stages of the relationship, one of the relationship partners might smile if the other is talking even if there's no reason for smiling.

  • 9 Frequent whispering

    If two people are together then there is a big chance that they will frequently whisper things to each other in the ear. Those people do so to discuss things that only they will understand.

  • 10 Same emotional response

    If the couple has a high level of rapport then they will probably have the same level of emotional response towards certain events. The couple might laugh at the same time or give the same emotional response in certain situations.

  • 11 Keeping bigger distance from others

    In a group meeting, couples are very likely to sit closer to each other but a bit further from everyone else. By comparing the distance between those two people and the rest of the group, you can guess whether people are together or not.