How to treat a bad cough

  • 1 Take a spoonful of honey

    Studies have found that honey is effective in soothing a bad cough, as it calms down the irritated mucous membranes. See also How to get over a cold as soon as possible

  • 2 Drink licorice root tea

    Licorice root is good at calming down throat inflammation and treating congestion. Drinking licorice root tea twice a day can ease up a bad cough. See also What are the health benefits of drinking tea

  • 3 Gargle with salt water

    A popular way of treating a bad cough is gargling with salt water, as it eases any discomfort caused by the cough. 

  • 4 Breathe in steam

    Take or prepare a hot shower and breathe in the steam that comes out, as the moisture helps treat a dry cough and eases breathing. 

  • 5 Drink tea thyme

    Drinking tea with thyme results in less coughing by making the muscles of the trachea and bronchi relax. 

  • 6 Make ginger and peppermint syrup

    Ginger is known for its powerful effects in treating a cough, and peppermint soothes the tickling in the throat caused by a cough. Thus, taking a spoon of ginger and peppermint syrup will ease the bad cough. 

  • 7 Stay hydrated

    Staying hydrated by drinking fluids (except alcohol and caffeine) will keep your throat moisturized and at ease, which will in turn help sooth that bad cough. 

  • 8 Drink hot milk with honey

    Drinking hot milk with honey can calm down a dry cough and relieve chest pain that might be experienced due to coughing constantly. 

  • 9 Drink lemon with honey

    Lemon helps ward off infections as it is rich in vitamin C. Taking a tablespoon of lemon mixed with honey can help treat a sore throat and soothe the urge to cough. 

  • 10 Drink curcumin powder with warm milk

    Mix 1-2 tablespoons of curcumin powder in warm milk and drink it twice a day. This mixture can relieve a cough in two days, and is better used for coughs caused by bacteria. 

  • 11 Drink hot water with garlic

    Drinking hot water that has minced garlic in it reduces inflammation of tissues and instantly soothes your throat and reduces the bad cough.