How to wake up from sleep paralysis

    How to wake up from sleep paralysis

  • 1 Do not panic

    Do not panic and fight the feeling of being held down, as this may intensify the experience and make it go on for a longer period of time. 

  • 2 Try to relax

    When you become aware that sleep paralysis is happening, try to relax and surrender to the feeling so you can wake up shortly. 

  • 3 Wiggle your toe or finger

    Try to wiggle your toe or finger when you experience sleep paralysis, as this may help you wake up from the paralysis.

  • 4 Clench your fist

    Clenching and unclenching your fist several times is another technique similar to wiggling your toe which may help you wake up from the episode.

  • 5 Focus on your breathing

    Keep your focus on your breathing and making sure you are breathing at a normal rate and fully exhaling. This will help break the sleep paralysis episode.

  • 6 Tell someone to wake you up

    If you sleep next to someone, let them know you might need their help to wake you up from sleep paralysis when you utter the word 'Help' in your sleep, for example. This method might not work with everyone, as some people cannot speak during sleep paralysis.

  • 7 Try to cough

    Try to cough when you experience sleep paralysis. This could help wake you up.

  • 8 Tighten your facial muscles

    When you experience sleep paralysis, try to tighten your facial muscles by frowning or scrunching up your face as if you smell something bad. Do this several times to wake up.

  • 9 Try to move your eyes

    During sleep paralysis, try to move your eyes by looking around the room or blinking. This could help awaken the body.