How virtual reality feels like

    How virtual reality feels like

  • 1 You are in a new environment

    The VR experience, at its best, is an immersive experience that makes you think that you are in a totally new environment, forgetting completely about your surroundings.

  • 2 Your surroundings change as you look

    The advanced VR headsets contain motion detectors that detect the motion of the head and so construct different images based on the direction you look at.

  • 3 3D environment

    The environment you see through the VR headset will be a 3D environment. Even watching a VR movie can let you see the pictures in 3D format. See how Virtual reality glasses work.

  • 4 Impacting the environment

    Many VR games allow players to interact with the environment by constructing objects or interacting with existing objects. A person can use a VR equipment to draw something in space, for example.

  • 5 The environment seems so real

    Advanced VR headsets such as Oculus Rift provide a very realistic and immersive environment. You will feel as if you are inside that environment.

  • 6 The quality of the headset differs

    If the headset isn't of a high quality then the experience might not be totally immersive. Cheap VR headsets, for example, allow you to see movies in 3D but you just get the feeling that you are watching a 3D movie and not actually being there.

  • 7 Replicating normal 3D vision

    Advanced VR headsets replicate normal vision. It's as if you are seeing things through your eyes normally without thinking too much that you are seeing things through a headset.

  • 8 The headset feels like scuba goggles

    The headset itself feels like scuba goggles. Some headsets like VR box 2.0 are relatively heavy and you will feel their weight easily. With high quality goggles, most people forget that they are wearing anything.