How will robots affect our future

  • 1 They will take some of our jobs

    With the fast advancement in the way robots operate, soon robots might start replacing people in many of the traditional jobs. Massive job losses could happen if robots become more advanced.

  • 2 They will help humans

    Advanced robots will be used to help humans do some of their important tasks. A robot can help a person get a task done in a much easier and faster way.

  • 3 Productivity will increase

    If robots replaced humans in some tasks then productivity can increase significantly as the robots outperform humans at work. 

  • 4 They will save us a lot of time

    Robots will probably save humans lots of tasks as they do repetitive, boring, complex and time-consuming tasks.

  • 5 Boost the economy

    The world's economy could get a strong boost as productivity increases as the result of employing robots.

  • 6 They will interact with humans

    As robots advance, they will easily be able to talk to humans, do activities with them and interact with them.

  • 7 Prices might go down

    If robots helped push productivity further then the prices of goods might go lower, as when the supply increases, the cost decreases.

  • 8 Lowering business costs

    As robots replace some human jobs, the costs of running certain businesses might decrease and so those businesses can make more profit.

  • 9 They will be human companions

    If robots advanced even more, they can become fully fledged human companions. A person can talk to a robot as if they are talking to humans.

  • 10 They will change the way we interact with technology

    Robots might change the way we interact with technology. Instead of typing something or searching for something, a robot can do this for us through a conversation.

  • 11 They will improve healthcare

    Robots can help improve healthcare of they were programmed to do some of the important healthcare tasks that humans currently do.